Friends for the past 60 years get together for special lunch

A reunion at the George and Dragon in Thurton

A reunion at the George and Dragon in Thurton - Credit: Archant

A group of ladies who met at school 60 years ago have enjoyed a celebratory meal.

The women all attended Loddon Secondary School together and were first introduced in September 1954.

They have remained in contact ever since and meet twice a year, which they have been doing for the past 20 years.

During the most recent meeting at the George and Dragon in Thurton the group marked six decades of friendship with a special lunch.

“We decided to keep in touch and support each other through all life’s ups and downs, of which there have been a few, and we have remained friends throughout.

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“No boys from school days have yet been invited, although a few have been in touch.

”We had enough of them at school”, said one of the ladies attending the reunion.

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These ladies always laugh a lot and drink to absent friends - especially to one best friend missing since last year. Next meeting is in March 2015 - same place, same time.

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