From Holland to Beccles, the balloon that inspired a young girl

MANY children put a message in a bottle or release balloons with a note attached in the hope of it travelling a long way.

Some are washed back in by the tide, some get caught in the nearest tree branch, while others manage to travel a few miles away.

But one five-year-old girl was in for a shock when her balloons travelled all the way from Holland to Beccles.

Lola Roos Boswijk drew a picture and wrote her address on a card which she planned to release on a helium balloon.

Because of its weight, one balloon was not enough, so on April 17 three green helium balloons were released from Groningen, in north Holland. She waited to see if anybody would be kind enough to find the note and reply.

Her father Arjen Boswijk said: “Every day we talked about the voyage of her balloon and on Saturday came a letter from the UK.

“Stephen Clark from Beccles in Suffolk had found the balloons and the message from Lola. He was so kind to send the card back to my daughter with a small note, but forgot his address.”

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The balloons travelled approximately 215 miles and Lola was so happy to receive a letter back she wrote a poem about it.

Mr Boswijk said: “We were very surprised. Maybe it is possible to find Stephen so we can thank him?”

The balloon was green

it went

to England

He was flying

over sea

to England

A card was hanging

under the balloon

with a drawing figure

It said: Lola, five years old

a man found

my balloon

In the street

in a town

in England

He wrote a letter

back to me