Fundraising event raises £200 for town's community hub

fundraising evening

Caroline Topping (right) at the fundraising evening. - Credit: Caroline Topping

A fundraising event has helped raise £200 for a town's community hub.

Beccles community hub is a volunteer led service bringing locals together.

Local members of Beccles' Bahai Faith got together at Hungate Church on Friday evening (December 3) to celebrate the life of a much loved figure of the Faith, Abdu’l Baha, who died a hundred years ago this year

It gave members a chance to raise some funds for the recently established Beccles Community Hub volunteer centre.

caroline topping

Caroline Topping runs the Beccles Community Hub. - Credit: Caroline Topping

Caroline Topping, runs the community hub and is Green district councillor for Beccles.

She said: "What a lovely and inspiring evening, getting to know new people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere over a wonderful meal.  

"I was welcomed with open arms and in fact only knew one other attendee. 

"This is the kind of environment that brings people (who don’t already know each other) together, over food without fear of attending alone or as a single person and allows you to exchange experiences, idea and make new friendships."


The event was a success. - Credit: Caroline Topping