Gifts brighten the lives of children in hospital

Beccles based lighting company presenting the children's ward at the James Paget University Hospital

Beccles based lighting company presenting the children's ward at the James Paget University Hospital with special lighting designed to help children with autism.Max Munford presenting the lights to Zoe Parton, children's play specialist at the hospital.Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

A campaign to make hospital stays better for children and parents at the James Paget University Hospital has been given a boost thanks to the generosity of an East Anglian lighting company.

Beccles based The Living Light Company Limited recently launched its new range of LED mood lighting.

This range allows colour changing by remote control, cordless and rechargeable, and ranges from balls and eggs to cubes and plant pots.

It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use and the LED mood balls are ideal for floating on water features, ponds or swimming pools.

It was when Max Munford, the firm’s managing director, was talking to colleague Julia Woods it was pointed out that one product in particular, the egg, could be appealing and beneficial to children due to its fun shape and colour changing mode.

“I approached the James Paget University Hospital’s children’s ward to see if they had used sensory equipment.

“After speaking to senior sister Justine Goodwin it transpired that she was in the process of launching a fund-raising campaign purely for sensory equipment.

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“The Living Light Company Limited was more than happy to donate an egg to their cause,” said Ms Munford.

The donation has already proved popular with children on the ward.

“It was great to meet Max and receive the kind donation of a light changing egg. This will be a huge help towards both the calming and interaction of children on the ward,” said Justine Goodwin, senior sister on the children and young person’s unit at the Gorleston hospital.

All donations to Ward 10 are gratefully received and used to enhance the children’s and families stay.

If anyone wants to donate to the James Paget University NHS Trust, visit and follow the link “get involved”.

For more information on the Living Light Company please visit