Gluten-free fish and chips on offer in Halesworth

WHEN people are told that they are gluten intolerant they have to kiss goodbye to foods that they have previously loved.

Chocolate cake, pizza and fish and chips are all favourites that have to be begrudgingly turned down.

But now, one Halesworth fish and chip shop is offering a rare chance for those to enjoy the quintessentially English meal.

On the first Saturday of every month Halesworth Fish and Chip Shop, in London Road, will be offering their customers a gluten-free alternative.

Owners David Wardas and Sarah Thursfield will be using one of their pans to cook their fish and chips in a specially ordered gluten-free batter mix, alongside their usual service.

David said: “We have to totally clean the pan so it is pristine, then fill it with the unused fat and nothing else can be fried in the pan on the day.”

Sarah said that the couple first heard about the idea when a friend from Scotland told them about her long drive for gluten-free fish and chips.

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“She is a coeliac and told us that her local shop was about 15 miles away but once a month she made an effort to go there with lots of others,” she said.

“We thought about it, checked out some gluten-free products on the internet, spoke to our local supplier and they sourced it.”

The couple, who have ran the shop for four-and-a-half years, say they can source sausages that are gluten-free as well, but will see how successful the fish and chips are first.

They will also be using their other pans to cook their regular fish and chips, but the couple said that there was no real difference in taste.