WATCH: Young singer's music video highlighting Great Yarmouth landmarks

Ronan Williams by the Hamburger on Regent Road.

Ronan liked the retro look of The Hamburger on Regent Road for his music video. - Credit: Ronan Williams

A teenage singer has released a music video which uses Great Yarmouth seafront as its backdrop.

Ronan Williams, 15 and from Loddon, released a music video for his song Cola which shows the singer along Regent Road, on the beach and by Britannia Pier.

The title shot for the music video.

Ronan Williams has been singing since the age of seven. - Credit: Ronan Williams

Ronan said after he wrote the song, he and his mother, Sharon, knew they wanted to use the town as a location for the video.

He said: "I feel like the Hamburger on Regent Road was great as a location because it is so retro and classic.

"It felt very good to be in there."

Ronan Williams with a Coca-cola-style can

Ronan thought the retro look of The Hamburger on Regent Road would be perfect for his music video. - Credit: Ronan Williams

The shoot, which was produced by Jordon Thomas Sendall - who recently used Great Yarmouth as the setting for an award-winning film on a mythical sea creature - took over two hours to record.

"It looked very, very good," Ronan said.

"I was very happy with it."

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Ronan, who is in Year 10 at Hobart High School, said the song was about being attracted to someone who is not that interested in you.

Once the video had been produced, the young singer moved on to the next project and released the track Stay.

"I have a couple of songs recorded and at the moment I'm in the middle of writing an upbeat summer song," he said.

Ronan Williams in front of Britannia Pier.

Ronan performs part of his song Cola in front of Britannia Pier. - Credit: Ronan Williams

Singing since the age of seven, Ronan made it to the final of a singing competition in 2018 and was given a developmental contract by Charthouse Studios which saw him going to London or Portsmouth once a month to work on his abilities.

In October last year, he won the music category of the One Art One World competition in Bromley. His award consisted of a trophy, a cash prize and a limousine ride around London.

Ronan Williams on the beach at night.

The video for Cola was shot over several hours at the end of summer last year. - Credit: Ronan Williams

Ronan, who cites his main influences as Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Sean Mendes, is also a member of St George's Youth Theatre.

His ambitions are to release a full-length album and go on tour.

Ronan will be performing at B2 in Norwich in February and St George's Theatre, Great Yarmouth in April as support for the band Knotted.

For more information, visit Ronan on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or listen to his music on Spotify.

Ronan Williams with a coca-cola-style can

Ronan's song Cola is about a boy who likes a girl, but she's interested in him. - Credit: Ronan Williams