Teenager who lost driving licence receives surprise in post

Halesworth teenager drivers licence returned

A Halesworth teenager was stunned when her missing driver's licence was returned with £20 for lessons. - Credit: Submitted

A teenager who lost her provisional driving licence was amazed when it was returned two days later - with an additional gift of £20 for lessons.

Chloe Butcher, from Halesworth, realised on Friday (September 17) she had lost her licence while out in Lowestoft the previous afternoon.

The 18-year-old said: "I was literally panicking. I was double-checking my bag. I just had to find it but I was ready to pay for another one if it hadn't been found."

Chloe Butcher, 18, from Halesworth

Chloe Butcher, 18, from Halesworth, panicked after losing her provisional driver's licence in Lowestoft. - Credit: Submitted

She put a post on Facebook appealing for help to find the licence.

The next day, she received a letter in the post with her licence and two £10 notes, with the anonymous sender saying it had been found outside Halfords at the North Quay Retail Park.

"I was stunned. I really couldn't believe that someone had done that. I was only expecting to have my licence back. That's all I wanted really," said Ms Butcher.

An anonymous letter written to Chloe Butcher, 18

An anonymous letter written to Chloe Butcher, 18, from Halesworth, who had lost her provisional driver's licence in Lowestoft. - Credit: Submitted

The writer added: "I noticed that it was a provisional licence so please put the enclosed towards a lesson, as I know how expensive they are. I hope it helps."

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Ms Butcher, who works as an apprentice at Leading Lives, a social care provider for people with learning disabilities in Lowestoft, started learning to drive last November but had to stop during the lockdown before resuming in March.

"I would always look forward to having a lesson as I knew it was a step closer to getting my own freedom," she said.

She has lessons booked every week. "But they are so expensive and thank you to that person I can book my theory test too and pay for some of my lessons."

To the person who returned her licence, she also said: "I would like to thank them for doing such an amazing deed. I am very grateful that they picked it up when they did. Otherwise who knows what have happened to it.

"I hope God is watching over them and that all the goodness of the world does them right. There really isn't enough goodness in the world no more. They a true angel."