A hospital is contacting its unvaccinated staff to dispel some of the myths that may have stopped them having their Covid jabs.

Covid vaccines are expected to be made mandatory for NHS staff from April 2022, sparking some fears that unvaccinated staff will resign.

At a Wednesday meeting of the James Paget University Hospital (JPUH) council of governors, chief executive Anna Hills said unvaccinated staff leaving was “a worry”, but added that Covid vaccine and booster uptake in the Gorleston-based JPUH was more than 90pc.

She said: “We’re going through a piece of work at the moment to contact those individuals who haven’t had the vaccine, to find out why, because for some groups of people it will be because they’ve got genuine concerns.

“So young women, for example, some of them are concerned about the impact on their fertility.

“Well, there’s really good research now to demonstrate that that isn’t an issue, so there’ll be an opportunity to kind of dispel some of those myths that may have been putting people off.”

She added: “We need to support our staff to do the right thing.”