'Increased demand' but waits 'subsiding' at local heating oil company

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Berry Oils Ltd in Beccles have seen increased demand over the last few weeks but things are beginning to settle back down. - Credit: PA

A local director of a heating oil company has described how there has been 'increased demand' over the last few weeks but reassured the public that things are starting to calm down.

Berry Oils Ltd, in Ellough, Beccles, is one of the only small, family-run businesses in the Beccles and Lowestoft area which sell heating oil.

It comes as we launch the There With You This Winter campaign, a campaign aimed to help those struggling to pay bills, fuel their homes and feed their families this winter.

berry oils

Berry Oils Ltd premises in Ellough, Beccles. - Credit: Google Maps

Director, Mark Berry, has worked in the industry now for 41 years and said that whilst demand for heating oil has been high in the last few weeks, this general trend usually happens every few years.

Mr Berry said: "We have definitely seen a notable increase in the number of people looking for heating oil.

"This has largely been brought about by the panic buying caused during the recent fuel crisis and this has now had a knock on effect.

"For the last few weeks, we have seen that increased demand from our customer base. As a small business, we've had people ringing us up asking for heating oil but we have to prioritise our loyal customers who are on the books."

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Mr Berry confirmed though that the initial demand for heating oil brought about by panic buying at fuel stations is now subsiding.

He added: "We have been busy and we still have a bit of a backlog but things are getting a bit more back to normal now.

"Our supply is still a bit of an issue and lots of truckers are now being employed by the big supermarkets because of this supposed Christmas food shortage.

"This in turn has a knock on effect on the drivers we employ.

"But we have faced worse crises and I am confident things will be back to normal very soon."

Phil works as a delivery driver and in the office for Berry Oils and also confirmed an increase in demand.

He said: "There's definitely been a big increase because of people's panic buying mentality brought about largely from the mainstream media.

"I tend to find as a driver that people buy their heating oil around this time of year and just after Christmas.

"Hopefully once this initial scare is over demand levels will return to normal after Christmas."