A driver whose Audi was smashed into and left undriveable suffered insult to injury - when a traffic warden slapped a parking fine on his stranded car.

The unfortunate driver's car was left stuck outside the Bear and Bells pub in Old Market, Beccles, after the smash at midnight on Tuesday, September 6.

Police arrived on the scene and supervised the exchange of insurance details between the drivers, before the young driver was picked up and his Volkswagen towed away.

The Audi A5 driver couldn't arrange for his car to be towed for an extra two days following the crash. He left a note on the dashboard saying: "This vehicle isn't driveable at the moment. We're waiting for it to be collected."

And when he did come to remove his immobilised car on Thursday, September 8, he found he had been hit with a parking ticket.

The Audi owner, who did not want to be named, said: "I just can't believe it - it is so annoying because the car was undriveable.

"Police even told me this, but I had to wait for a tow truck and I even left a note in the window.

"I am so bogged down sorting my insurance claims out for the damage and this is another thing I will have to address."

A spokesperson from East Suffolk Council warned that the hand written note is unlikely to offer the victim any protection from having to pay the fine.

An East Suffolk Council spokesperson said: “A penalty charge notice was served on 8 September on a vehicle parked in a loading bay in Old Market, Beccles, where it had remained in the same location following a collision on 5 September.

“If a motorist is involved in a collision and unable to move their vehicle to a safer location, they should contact Parking Services with all relevant information and to discuss how long it would take for recovery.

“We have, to date, received no correspondence from the driver. However, we have a challenge process in place for motorists who feel they should not have received a penalty charge notice.”

A witness, who was working nearby at the time of the crash, said: "It was at around midnight I was closing up, just like any normal day.

"It made me jump it was such a big bang - nobody was hurt and the police were here pretty quickly."