Town on track to create world's longest bunting line for Platinum Jubilee

beccles community hub

Work is now well underway at Beccles Community Hub. - Credit: Caroline Topping

A town is now knitting its way into the record books by creating the longest bunting line ever made as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations this year.

All councillors at a full town council meeting in Beccles in January granted permission for the bunting line as part of this year's jubilee celebrations to celebrate the Queen's 70th year on the throne.

The longest knitted bunting line is 14,279 m (46,847 ft), achieved by Devon County Show, Crafts and Gardens (UK), in Devon, UK, on May 25, 2020.

caroline topping

Caroline Topping is determined to beat the record. - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Talking about how the progress on the bunting line is going, councillor Caroline Topping said: "In Beccles we are now busy joining the individual knitted flags together and these in the short-term will be checked out and loaned to shops, the library in Beccles and any other place who would like to display them inside.

"Once the jubilee weekend is over we will collect all the knitted bunting back in and join them together for the world record attempt as the longest line of knitted bunting which is about nine miles long. 

"After the record attempt the individual flags will then be joined together and made into blankets.

"We have a lovely friendly competition in town like sisters Kathy and Judy. 

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"Kathy started making the bunting and gave me 20, her sister then began knitting and she brought us in 25. 

"Kathy brought in more and made her total 70 and Judy made 75. 

"Currently Kathy is, today, up to 107 and Judy has slipped back to 103. 

"U3A group Nimble Fingers have produced 139 to date and Christine who could not even knit, decided to give it a go and has now made 100. 


People in Beccles' twin town in France, Petite Couronne, are also getting involved in creating the world's longest bunting trail for Beccles. - Credit: Supplied

"We even have our friends in Petite Couronne, our twin town, who have been making bunting and will be bringing it over to us in May.

"We have now got a sheet up in Beccles Community Hub and are registering who is making how many flags for a bit of fun.  

"If you can’t knit, don’t worry, we have people crocheting and the sewn bunting will be hung outside.

"Last Friday, Victoria of Parlour Made had a group of ladies in who made 600 metres of sewn bunting and will be hosting another session soon."