Councillor slams false claims community centre loses alcohol licence

judy cloke

Judy Cloke, chair of the trustees of Bungay Community Centre. - Credit: Danielle Booden

A local councillor has slammed false claims across social media that a town's community centre had its alcohol licence revoked.

Rumours circled across social media last week alleging that Bungay's Community Centre had its alcohol licence revoked due to noise complaints from nearby residents.

However, conservative councillor for Bungay Judy Cloke slammed these claims describing them as 'fake news.'

The application for a new premises licence was discussed at a licencing sub-committee meeting at East Suffolk Council on October 21 last year.

During this meeting it was agreed that the Bungay Community Centre would have its licence times selling alcohol changed from 9am to 11pm to 9am to 7pm instead.

Ms Cloke added hirers can apply for a temporary event licence if they want to sell alcohol past 7pm.

She branded the claims circling on social media as "totally untrue," saying: "We have an alcohol licence until 7pm, for events later in the evening, hirers can apply for a Temporary Event licence. 

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"It is a huge pity uninformed people think it appropriate to spread this nonsense without checking the facts. 

"I think this falls firmly into the category of fake news."

During the sub-committee meeting the issue of noise at the community centre was raised by objectors, after a disco was held.

But Ms Cloke, who was present at the meeting as chair of Bungay Community Centre Trustees, was able to confirm that the caretaker of the centre was able to sit comfortably at a table and converse with friends.

The original operating hours from 9am to 11pm allowed the centre to cover scenarios such as weddings, wakes and Rotary Club events.

Following negotiations with the Environmental Protection Team, the it was confirmed that the proposed hours had been changed to 9am to 7pm.

While objectors reported drug misuse in the area, these claims were dismissed by the local police force, who added windows had been broken by stones flicked up by a mower, rather than acts of vandalism.

The sub-committee agreed that the operating hours would be reduced from 9am to 7pm and that a Challenge 25 policy would be in operation.

The operating hours of 9am until 7pm are still in place.