Councillors raise concerns over proposed Beccles Costa Coffee drive-thru


Location of the proposed development in the Morrisons supermarket car park in Beccles. - Credit: Google Maps

A group of councillors are concerned that a proposed Costa Coffee drive-thru will have a negative impact on the environment by increasing traffic congestion.

Councillors at Beccles Town Council were reviewing a planning application for a brand new Costa Coffee in the Morrisons supermarket car park in Beccles.

The proposed development includes a single storey building with both indoor and outdoor seating with a wrap around drive-thru lane which would also provide access for cars to be served from a serving hatch to the rear of the building.

At a planning committee meeting at Beccles Town Council on Tuesday (August 31) all councillors present raised concerns that at least five proposals did not meet the Broads Authority's planning criteria.

costa coffee beccles

The proposed development would sit to the north west of the Morrisons car park site. - Credit: Google Maps

Councillor Jennie Robinson, chaired the meeting, criticising parts of the planning statement which she believes needs more explaining.

She said: "Traffic congestion is already a problem on this roundabout and the report states 20pc of traffic will be new if plans are accepted.

"We should be finding ways to reduce traffic congestion, not increase it.

costa coffee beccles

The development would result in 20pc new traffic. - Credit: Google Maps

"There is no mention within the planning application that they will use renewable or solar energy.

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"This premises would be open from 5am until 11pm each night.

"Lighting from the premises would have an adverse impact on the Broads Authority land nearby.

"Seven trees will also have to be cut down to accommodate the proposal, which is not in line with the current natural landscape of the Broads.

Other councillors present unanimously agreed with Councillor Robinson's findings.

Deputy Mayor Ashley Lever said: "The problem I have is there is no acknowledgment of using renewable energy and this needs addressing as well as traffic concerns."

Councillor Jeff Harris added: "It is either ignorance or a cost cutting method."

Councillor Barry Darch highlighted the problem of only having one entrance when 20pc new traffic would be introduced.

He said: "This would make it more difficult for shoppers because of the increased traffic coming in and out of one entrance.

"It is not a pedestrian or cycle friendly zone either."

Deputy Chair Gillian Birrell added: "This is the wrong location for this development because of increased traffic to an already busy area."

All councillors rejected the proposal and the Broads Authority will now consider the stance of the town council.