Halesworth Neighbourhood Town Plan - What is it and how to be involved

halesworth town sign

The Halesworth Neighbourhood Town Plan is currently going through a formal consultation process. - Credit: Archant

People in Halesworth are being encouraged to have their say on the town's draft Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan has been put together by Halesworth Town Council and a group of local volunteers in the town over the past four years.

A neighbourhood plan would mean people living in the town would be able to influence planning proposals at a local level.

It would give the local population a greater say over issues such as heritage developments, cycling and walking routes, housing developments in town, green spaces and employment areas.

The Halesworth Neighbourhood Town Plan is currently a draft plan and is currently going through a formal consultation process whereby locals can have their say from November 5 until December 17.

councillor joyce moseley

Councillor Joyce Moseley from Halesworth Town Council. - Credit: Halesworth Town Council

Councillor Joyce Moseley, has been behind putting together the plan for the last four years.

She said: "The Neighbourhood Town Plan is a way for local communities to have an input on planning developments in their towns and villages.

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"We call it the People's Plan because it is about addressing issues that are on people's minds.

"It gives the local community some considerable powers because they can hold bodies like developers to account.

"We are welcoming the general public to have their say on the draft plan which they can do so until December 17."

After the draft plan goes through its formal consultation process, called regulation 14, which Halesworth Town Council oversee, the responses are then looked over and a revised plan is sent off to East Suffolk Council.

These plans are then submitted to central government before being passed back to East Suffolk Council which will then initiate a referendum on the decision which people living in the Halesworth electoral ward can vote on.

If passed, the neighbourhood plan then comes into effect following on from an East Suffolk Council cabinet meeting.

If the neighbourhood plan is passed, it would mean that planning permission would go through both the neighbourhood plan and local plans, meaning greater community scrutiny of important planning policy decision making processes.

If approved, the amount of CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) that goes to the town council to fund projects would increase from 15 to 25pc.

Further information on the draft plan and the feedback form can be accessed here.