Local elections 2021: Green gains and Conservative majority in east Suffolk

waterlane leisure centre

Counting underway during today's count at Lowestoft's Waterlane Leisure Centre. - Credit: Jasper King

It was a day of joy and celebration for the Conservatives and Green Party in east Suffolk as the election results rolled in.

The Waveney area of East Suffolk saw 10 Conservative councillors elected, matching 2017's results.

However, the Greens gained Halesworth from the Conservatives for the first time ever in a race, which saw newly-elected Green party councillor Annette Dunning win 1,546 votes and Tony Godson, the incumbent, 1,287 votes.

annette dunning

Newly elected Green councillor for Halesworth Annette Dunning. - Credit: Jasper King

Ms Dunning has pledged to improve Halesworth's bus links.

Three Green party councillors were elected in East Suffolk, up from one in 2017.

Green councillors Peggy McGregor and Caroline Topping ousted former Suffolk County Council leader and Conservative councillor Mark Bee in Beccles.

Mr Bee won 2,020 votes with Peggy McGregor winning 2,131 votes and Caroline Topping 2,594.

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The Green councillors said their biggest commitment would be improving Beccles' public transport network.

But it was a disappointing day for Labour and the Liberal Democrats, who failed to win a seat.


Success for the Greens and Conservatives, disappointment for Labour and the Lib Dems in East Suffolk. - Credit: Jasper King

The Green Party increased their vote share with the Conservatives hanging on to their majority. See the full results below:

BUNGAY. Conservative hold. Judy Cloke (C) 1,335. Annette Abbott (G) 1,279. Donia Slyzuk (L) 283. John Awty (LD) 145. Turnout 41.4%

BECCLES. Green hold/win (2 seats). Caroline Topping (G) 2,594. Peggy McGregor (G) 2,131. Mark Bee (C) 2,020. Graham Catchpole (C) 1,769. Christian Newsom (L) 374. Dom Taylor (L) 368. Turnout 41.6%

HALESWORTH. Green win from Conservatives. Annette Dunning (G) 1,546. Tony Goldson (C) 1,287. Peter Coghill (L) 254. Sarah Hunt  (LD) 84. Turnout 42.6%

GUNTON. Conservative Gain from Labour (2 seats). James Reeder  (C) 1,653. Ryan Harvey (C) 1,633. Janet Craig (L) 1,309. Keith Patience (L) 1,297. Joan Coxon (G) 402. Steve Ardley (I) 362. Peter Jackson (G) 348 Robin Hinton (I) 201. Turnout 25.6%

KESSINGLAND AND SOUTHWOLD. Conservative Hold. Michael Ladd (C) 1,513. Adam Robertson (LD) 831. Alan Green (L) 608. Turnout 39.5%

PAKEFIELD. Conservative hold (2 seats). Melanie Vigo Di Gallidoro (C) 2,025. Craig Rivett (C) 1,980. Neil Coleby (L) 928. Tess Gandy (L) 873. Alice Eastaugh (G) 367. Lee Martin (G) 242. Christopher Thomas (LD) 238. Fiona Shreeve (LD) 160. Turnout 30.7%

OULTON. Conservative Hold (2 seats). Edward Back (C) 2,587. Keith Robinson (C) 2,404. George King (L) 1,311. Nasima Begum (L) 1,231. Peter Lang (G) 410. David Youngman (G) 406. Jenny Hinton (I) 349. Tony Knights (I) 209. Dave O'Neill (LD) 133. Turnout 30.5%

LOWESTOFT SOUTH. Conservative Hold (2 seats). Jenny Ceresa (C) 2,094. Jamie Starling (C) 1,744. Sonia Barker (L) 1,220. David Finnigan (L) 1,016. Elise Youngman (G) 416. Paul Light (LD) 337. Andrew Eastaugh (G) 335. John Shreeve (LD) 215. Turnout 27.0%