‘Sickening’ thieves steal equipment worth £30,000 from farmer

Cameron Russell. CAMERON RUSSELL

Cameron Russell. CAMERON RUSSELL - Credit: Archant

A Loddon farmer faces having to give up his business after “sickening” thieves stole £30,000 worth of equipment, including a quadbike specially modified for his disability.

Cameron Russell's stolen quadbike. CAMERON RUSSELL

Cameron Russell's stolen quadbike. CAMERON RUSSELL - Credit: Archant

Cameron Russell has hit out at the thieves, who have put the future of his business in jeopardy just days before Christmas.

The 21-year-old father suffers from ankylosing spondylitis, a chronic condition which causes inflamation of the spine.

He said: “I went to the farm to move some sheep and realised my trailer had been stolen, as well as my quadbike.

“I had some sheep stolen earlier this year, but this is going to be even harder to recover from.

Cameron Russell's stolen quadbike. CAMERON RUSSELL

Cameron Russell's stolen quadbike. CAMERON RUSSELL - Credit: Archant

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“I work so hard for what I have got and to support my family. I am 21 and a young dad with children to feed and it is just sickening to know people are out there doing this to us.

“This is my business and all I am trying to do is earn a living. It is disgusting. They are targeting us farmers.

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“I cannot afford to buy it all new, and I cannot do anything without my equipment.

“There are other farmers trying to help me out but I am 90pc sure I am going to have to give it up completely.”

Mr Russell has been driving for up to 200 miles a day looking for his equipment, as well as searching online for anyone selling it.

He said: “I have got a disease in my spine and had to have my quadbike adjusted so I have support in my back. I sometimes cannot move properly so the steps are lower than normal and it just has hand brakes so I don’t have to use my feet.

“I was going to have to give my business up but I found someone to help modify it. It cost £3,500 to modify it, and I can’t afford to do it again. I don’t have the money.

“Any information is better than nothing and could lead to the big thing.”

A spokeswoman for Norfolk Police confirmed enquiries were ongoing into a burglary between 5.30pm on Thursday December 13 and 10.30am on Saturday December 15.

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