Lotto winners to sell knitted mini donkeys at Beccles Christmas lights

mini donkeys

The mini donkey knitters will be selling them at the Beccles Christmas lights switch-on. - Credit: BoncePR

A team of National Lottery millionaires have picked up their knitting needles, ready to sell knitted mini donkeys at this year's Beccles Christmas lights switch-on.

The National Lottery winners previously rolled up their sleeves to install post and rail fencing, a shed and raised garden bed for Miniature Donkeys for Wellbeing, better known as Mini Donks back in August.

The team of knitters have now got together after they found out Mini Donks needed knitted items for their Christmas pop-up gift shop.

The shop raises much needed funds to enable Mini Donks to carry out visits to those with life-limiting conditions and keep the mini donkeys fed throughout the winter months. 

Each limited edition Lottery mini donk sold at the Christmas lights switch-on comes complete with a gold head collar, a tag, and an accompanying adoption certificate. 

mini donks

Susan Crossland, 58 and Debra Pearce, 62, with a wheelbarrow full of mini donkeys. - Credit: BoncePR

Presenting a wheelbarrow brimming with the knitted mini donks and a bunch of knitted carrots too, were Susan Crossland, 58 and Debra Pearce, 62.

Debra is no stranger to Mini Donks having been part of the team of winners who visited this summer to build the yard extension.

millionaire knitters

The millionaire knitters are all proud to be involved. - Credit: BoncePR

Delighted to return with fellow winner Susan, she said: “It has been brilliant to support this wonderful organisation again this year and hopefully our efforts will raise some more pennies for Mini Donks, and be a delightful Christmas present for the lucky recipient too.

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“Every one of these knitted mini donks and carrots have been knitted by someone, like me, who was lucky enough to enjoy a life-changing win on the National Lottery.

"It would be nice to think that some of our luck might be passed on along with these knitted toys."


The gang of millionaire winners previously visited the Mini Donks charity. - Credit: BoncePR

Sarah McPherson, founder of Mini Donks, said: “A gang of National Lottery winners visited earlier this year and worked tirelessly to extend our stableyard, and I mentioned in passing we needed knitters to help with stock for Christmas.

"I honestly didn’t for a second expect National Lottery millionaires from all over the country to give up their time and resources in this way, it really is an early Christmas present for us.

“We’re incredibly grateful for their support, every penny raised on the shop goes straight back into helping provide Mini Donk visits for those with life-limiting conditions."

mini donkeys

The mini donkeys are limited edition. - Credit: BoncePR