Meet the new members of Beccles Town Council

Jula Janney. PHOTO: Nick Butcher

Jula Janney. PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

The Beccles New Independents party claimed two seats from United Beccles at last night’s town council elections.

Renee Kathuria

Renee Kathuria - Credit: Kieran Lynch

Two seats had been made available recently by departing councillors and in total, 969 votes were cast at Beccles Public Hall last Thursday.

Last Thursday evening after the Journal went to press, Jula Janney was elected into the Beccles Common Ward seat with 55.5pc of the votes.

She picked up 223 votes while Elaine Curtis of the United Beccles Party had 186.

Renee Kathuria claimed the Beccles Central seat with 63.6pc of the vote.

She picked up 356 votes compared to independent entrant David Cooper who had 40 and Neil Peek of United Beccles who had 164.

Mrs Janney was previously the clerk at Beccles Town Council for 30 years until she retired last year.

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She said: “I have missed being in the hub of the town, especially over the winter, just helping people out and that was the big reason why I wanted to become a councillor.

“It will be interesting on the other side but I am looking forward to meeting people and helping out where I can.

“There’s a lot I want to focus on in particular the Beccles Quay area, I think there could be improvements there including a community stage.”

Mrs Kathuria has worked as a GP for many years and also runs the Oliver and J jewellers on Blyburgate.

She said: “I am about to retire as a GP but I really enjoy people in the town and that is something I want to continue in my role as a councillor.

“I want to see Beccles thrive with job opportunities. Working in retail I know important that is in the town and also from my past in the health sector, I know how important it is to keep Beccles Hospital open.

There was a 20.5pc turnout in Beccles Common and 28pc in Beccles Central, while four votes overall were rejected.

Mrs Janney replaces former United Beccles councillor David Richardson who moved away from the area and Mrs Kathuria replaces Brian Woodruff who also decided to leave the council.