Mother honoured by business efforts

WHEN Sonia Remblance lost her mother to cancer recently she also lost someone who was a huge support in her efforts to establish her business in Bungay.

WHEN Sonia Remblance lost her mother to cancer recently she also lost someone who was a huge support in her efforts to establish her business in Bungay.

But before Marie Davison died at the age of 61 she urged her family to be positive and move forward - and now Sonia is determined to make Hobbyhorse of Bungay work as a tribute to her.

She set it up in premises on the corner of Nethergate Street and Bridge street nearly two years ago - but in January this year took the chance to move it into a prime town centre position in the Market Place.

Despite her deteriorating health Marie gave active help to the end, with such things as window displays at the shop which sells hobby wear such as gym outfits, Brownie and Guide uniforms, dance school outfits, including shoes, and school uniforms, and Sonia said this week:

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“Mum helped us as much as she could, right to the end. Her forte was window display, she was brilliant at them. Now making a go of this business will be my tribute to her.

“She has worked in so many different places in the town over the years and was well known. Her memory is driving us on and we are determined to succeed.”

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Daughter Kirstie is also helping at the shop, and she also has support from her father, husband and other members of the family. And she put out a call to everyone to support all Bungay's shops, too.

“We all need the support of local people, but there is a certain generation you don't see in Bungay shops,” she said. “People don't seem to understand that if you drive to Norwich it costs money, you sit in traffic, and you pay a lot to park. It is a so much nicer shopping experience in local market towns. People should support their local butcher, baker and everyone else.”

Sonia, who is a qualified youth social worker and learning support worker, and who has also managed the Play Barn at Poringland and the Moo Play Farm at Brampton before deciding to set up her own business, is working hard to offer a range of services for Bungay.

She sells fishing licences, is agent for the Felix Shoe Repairs business now based in Beccles, and does a dress-making service, alongside catering for the clothing needs of many sports and hobbies, and schools. Hobbyhorse stocks uniforms for the Bungay schools, and is also getting inquiries form the nearby village schools.

“We try to cater socially as well - people can come and sit and have a cup of tea with us if they like. And since we moved to the Market Place we get a lot of browsers - we never experienced that before,” Sonia said.

A range of adult and children's workshops are held at the premises, with a variety throughout August. They include silk painting, jewellery making, card craft, rag rugs, paper craft and friendly plastic for adults, and mood boards, keepsake boxes, personalised pencil cases, cartooning and groovy glass painting for children.

Call 01986 892504 for more details or e-mail:

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