If you’re someone who loves a getaway but isn’t a fan of looking around for different deals and want the booking process to be as smooth as possible, then look no further.

We recently tried out an EasyJet Holiday to the Polish city of Krakow and it made the holiday run so smoothly giving us plenty of time to explore and relax.

With just one quick click, we were able to book the flights, hotel, transfer and even luggage ready for the holiday.

For someone that typically finds booking a holiday slightly stressful, EasyJet takes away the stress and lets you focus on the break.

We tried an EasyJet holiday- this is what it’s like

Starting from looking at deals, we knew we wanted to take a break in Krakow flying from London, so we used the EasyJet app to see what options were available.

Finding the perfect deal for us, we were able to pick a holiday with everything included from flights, hotel and even transfer.

Beccles & Bungay Journal: Getting our luggage checked-in was easy. Getting our luggage checked-in was easy. (Image: Newsquest)

On the day of departure, we headed to London’s Gatwick airport which has a self-check-in system for EasyJet customers, meaning all queues were quick to none.

The self-check-in system is easy to use with simple instructions and if you need help, there are plenty of helpful staff around ready to solve any problems.

Another bonus for this break is that we got free 23kg luggage, with neither of our luggage hitting above 10kg.

Boarding the plane was hassle-free, priority customers were first to board but that meant we had plenty of time for any last-minute snacks for the journey.

Once aboard, the crew greeted us as we found our pre-booked seats. It is also important to mention that you need to pay extra if you want to choose your seats.

Opting to pay extra we got settled down in our seats and watched the crew's safety talk as we prepared for take-off.

With the journey only two and half hours, you won’t be getting a jumbo jet, but the EasyJet plane was clean and comfortable with sturdy lap trays and soft seats, however, if you are a fan of extra leg space, you might want to pick the extra leg room seats.

Booking hotels was made simple with EasyJet holidays

After arriving in Krakow and making it through the long wait at passport control, we made our way to the boutique hotel we had booked as part of the EasyJet deal.

Beccles & Bungay Journal: The Main Square in Krakow. The Main Square in Krakow. (Image: Newsquest)

Set in the centre of Krakow and just ten minutes away from one of the city's big draws, the Main Square, the hotel was perfect for those that want to explore all the sites without using public transport.

One thing we didn’t add on when we booked the holiday was breakfast at the hotel, which meant we had to pay extra at the hotel so if you want ease for breakfast, it's best to add it on during the booking to save some extra cash.

After spending three days in the historic city of Krakow, we were ready to head back to our home comforts in the UK.

We received a text from a transfer to let us know the exact time we would be picked up from our hotel, asking us to be outside ten minutes before. We made our way to the front of the hotel and got in our arranged transfer.

Beccles & Bungay Journal:  The EasyJet holiday covered everything. The EasyJet holiday covered everything. (Image: PA)

The smooth journey meant we were fully ready to tackle the airport arriving with plenty of time to board and get through security.

Our plane was delayed, at no fault of EasyJet, so we had some time to explore the charming airport at Krakow and all the food options available.

Although we were delayed, EasyJet gave plenty of updates and the staff were helpful making sure everyone was aware of everything.

Once boarded the crew were very welcoming and apologetic for the delay, seeing everyone get settled and prepared for take-off.

As someone who can find booking a holiday daunting, EasyJet takes away all stress with a 24-hour helpline and simple-to-use booking instructions, making you excited to pack your bags and head to a new country to explore.