Local leaders welcome new Covid vaccination centre in Beccles


Worlingham Pharmacy has opened this week in Beccles as a new vaccination centre. - Credit: PA

Local leaders in Beccles have welcomed news that a new vaccination centre is opening in the town this week.

Residents in the town were forced to travel as far as Southwold during the first part of the vaccination process to Sole Bay Health Centre, Reydon.

But now Worlingham Pharmacy will also be administering Covid vaccinations, alongside Beccles Health Centre Pharmacy.


Everyone over the age of 30 is currently eligible for their first Covid vaccination dose. - Credit: Denise Bradley

Everyone over the age of 30 is now eligible for the vaccine, with the government proposing a target of every adult having their first vaccine dose by the end of July.

The Worlingham pharmacy has starting issuing vaccinations this week and it has come as welcome news to newly elected councillor for Beccles, Peggy McGregor.

She said: "Having as many Covid vaccinations centres as possible is always good because people do not have to travel as far.

"Many people in Beccles at the start of the vaccination process were forced to travel to areas like Southwold which was a problem if they had difficulty getting transport there.

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"Having another vaccination centre in town I believe will encourage more people to take up the vaccine.

"The only way out of this pandemic is for people to take the vaccine because it reduces the risk of people becoming seriously ill and dying from the virus."

The uptake for the vaccine in the east Suffolk area remains one of the highest in the country, standing at 75.9 per cent for all people over the age of 18 for the first dose and 48.1 per cent for the second dose.

The news of a new vaccination site in Beccles has also been welcomed by Waveney MP Peter Aldous who said: “It’s very good news that vaccinations are now being provided from the Worlingham Pharmacy.

peter aldous

MP for Waveney Peter Aldous has welcomed the new vaccine centre. - Credit: Peter Aldous

"Pharmacists in the Waveney area have led the way in offering vaccinations, which compliment those sites being run by local GPs and the NHS nationally.

"The vaccination campaign has gone incredibly well locally and special thanks are due to all those staffing the sites.

"There must be no let up in ensuring that everyone is fully vaccinated as quickly possible and the comprehensive network of sites now available will help achieve this.”