Norfolk farmer collects 500 motorbikes over 40 years

The Suzuki GT750

The Suzuki GT750 - Credit: Archant

Collecting motorbikes for more than 40 years is no mean feat.

Benelli 500 Quattro

Benelli 500 Quattro - Credit: Archant

But one Norfolk farmer can lay claim to owning a whopping 500 of them over that time.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, may only have 28 now, but his enthusiasm has never waned with his current flock safely tucked away in the sheds he has built to accommodate them.

And any spare time he has sees him tinkering, oiling, polishing, adjusting, fitting, repairing and admiring his eclectic range of bikes.

Most of his motorbikes are Japanese or Italian and he lists his favourites as Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha.

The bike shed

The bike shed - Credit: Archant

His favourite is the Honda CBX 1050 six cylinder due to its reliability and worth. Bought for £1,500, after all the repairs and tender loving care the man thinks it might be worth around £7,000.

Another favourite is the Suzuki GT750, an American import, which was a hit with riders who wanted to be able to cruise at high speeds in relative comfort and the Benelli 500 Quattro, a classical styled beauty, which is relatively lightweight.

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An ongoing project is the building of a replica Honda RC166 250cc, which consists of six tiny cylinders, four cams, and 24 valves the size of pencil erasers.

With a top speed of 150mph, the RC166 became a force to be reckoned with during the 1966 World Championship. With Mike Hailwood at the helm, it dominated every race and swiftly rose to fame as one of Honda’s most successful creations.

The Honda CBX

The Honda CBX - Credit: Archant

The intricacies behind building a replica like this require a lot of time, patience and the correct tools.

He said there was no master plan, he simply buys what he likes, meaning he has a diverse number of makes and models.

“It’s the sound I enjoy the most. It’s all about the sound of a bike. When you work on a farm, everything is slow and precise, but with bikes it’s different.”

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Replica RC166

Replica RC166 - Credit: Archant