Norfolk funeral home offers the chance to preserve your family DNA

Rosedale funeral home, Beccles.

Rosedale funeral home, Beccles. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Would you want the genetics of your loved ones to live on forever even after their death?

That is what is being offered by a Norfolk-based funeral director - the pioneering opportunity for families to keep a DNA sample of a loved one.

Rosedale Funeral Home is believed to be one of the first firms in the country to offer the DNA memorial service in the hope that it could help surviving family members fight any future life-threatening diseases.

The company said keeping a record of the family’s DNA could also be used to treat potential genetic medical disorders such as cancer, diabetes or dementia.

Simon Beckett-Allen, director of Rosedale, became aware of the possible service shortly before his sister Sarah died unexpectedly aged 49.

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He said: “I immediately saw the value of keeping her DNA.

“Not only will this help us to protect our family’s health now and in the future, but it also gives us a precious keepsake that truly connects us forever with her.

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“I know Sarah would be pleased that this is being done and I’m sure that many other people will want to take advantage of this new opportunity.”

The advance in technology is the ability to store DNA at room temperature and was devised by a Canadian DNA company, CG Labs.

European Director Simon Rothwell said: “Effectively what this allows doctors to do is to tailor health care to a person’s unique genetic make-up.”

Staff from each Rosedale Funeral Home have been trained to take DNA samples from loved ones, which is then sealed and can be stored by the family at home, either for clinical tests or for genealogical research in the future.

The DNA Memorial service is available now at Rosedale Funeral Homes in Beccles, Bungay, Halesworth, Attleborough, Diss, Wymondham, for more information please go to

Would you want to keep a sample of your loved one’s DNA? Write to Beccles and Bungay Journal Letters, 20 Blyburgate, Beccles, NR34 9TB or email

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