The son of a popular hospital worker has paid tribute to his mother.

Maureen Line, of Raveningham, between Loddon and Beccles, worked at the former Hales Hospital site for a number of years.

Married to Roy William Line, who passed away from cancer 26 years ago, the couple both worked at the nearby Heckingham site on Yarmouth Road. The hospital was closed in 1990.

Their son, Chris Line, explained how much living and working in Norfolk had meant to his mother.

He said: “She loved living and working in Norfolk. She, and my father also, loved the people, the area they lived in and the people they worked with.

“Hales Hospital was a small satellite hospital that cared for people with both learning difficulties and mental health problems, yet was a place of great care and commitment to its clients.”

Mr Line, who had also worked there during the mid-1980s, described a long-lasting comradery.

“The staff who worked there were generally local and work relationships were often tied with social contact.

“The hospital, at that time, was a wonderful, friendly, and caring place to work. Both the individuals who resided there, and the staff who worked there, contributed to a wonderful and caring community. It was a pleasure to work there, with caring people of a similar purpose.”

He added that both of his parents had “fond memories of those close friends and colleagues” that they enjoyed working with, and that they were also well remembered by those who lives they touched.

Mrs Line died on July 28 at Lincoln County Hospital following ill health.