A loving tribute has been paid to a mother and former charity worker who "cared for everyone' she came across in life.

Dot Kent, 88, passed away on May 13 at Beauchamp House in Chedgrave and during her time living in the village of Seething got involved in community and charity work.

She moved to Seething when she was 16 and lived in the village throughout the rest of her life.

During her time in the village, she got involved with charity work at the village hall by raising money for its renovation work and at Seething airfield and she was most recognised around the area for riding around on her iconic motorbike.

Talking about her mum, daughter Hazel Todd, 63, said: "Mother was well known around the village for raising money for the village hall, hosting jumble sales and of course hosting the annual Christmas bingo.

"Everyone knows her because she used to ride her motorbike around the area collecting bingo prizes.

"People just knew who she was and if they did not recognise her, they would know her name for certain.

"Mother lived for everyone. She rode around on that motorbike until 83 until she was told to slow down and take it easy."

Mrs Kent's funeral took place in Seething on Tuesday, June 8.

People lined the streets to pay respects to a woman who was a pillar of the community during her time in the village.

Mrs Todd said: "So many people across the village turned up to show their respects.

"It was lovely to see the church yard so full of people who will miss her."

Mrs Todd said she would best remember her mother for her selfless nature.

She said: "Mother lived for all of us, that was one of her best qualities.

"When we were younger and even when we got older she would always sort things out for us and she raised us to be respectful to others."

Dot Kent leaves behind family members including her daughter Hazel Todd, her son Paul Kent, her other son Bob Kent, Glynis Kent her daughter-in-law, Reg Todd her son-in-law, Nicola Burns her granddaughter, Shaun Kent her grandson, Ellie Hodson her great granddaughter, Helen Viles her ex daughter-in-law and Sally Campion-Jones her future daughter-in-law.

She leaves behind eight sisters and two brothers.