Our wedding bid to beat taxman paid off!

PUBLISHED: 09:57 02 January 2009 | UPDATED: 07:53 01 August 2010

A COUPLE from Woodton who married on the first day of the new year in 1949 to "beat the taxman" have gone on to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.

A COUPLE from Woodton who married on the first day of the new year in 1949 to “beat the taxman” have gone on to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.

George and Olive Daniels, of The Woodyard Square, decided to marry on January 1 1949 because in those days couples could claim back income tax if they married early in the year - and in 2009 their marriage is still paying off as they celebrated 60 years of happy marriage yesterday.

They met for the first time in August 1945 outside the force's servicemen's club in Theatre Street, Norwich, shortly after VJ Day. They arranged to meet a week later, when George would be Olive's chaperone for the evening, but the plan proved to be something of a disaster- Olive didn't show up on time, and George ended up going in on his own!

“I was late, as I always am, and he won't wait!” said Olive, 80. “So I thought that was that. But then we bumped into one another down Prince of Wales Road and it went on from there. Prince of Wales Road used to be called 'the chicken run' because a lot of the young people used to think they could pick people up there!”

They married at St Luke's Church in Aylsham Road, Norwich, and initially moved in with George's sister while they looked for a house together. They eventually found one in Barnham Broom but then moved to Hedenham, before arriving at their current home in Woodton where they have lived for 56 years.

During their working lives George worked for 33 years at Duffields animal feed in Norwich, whilst Olive worked for 30 years with Norfolk County Council home help after she had raised their children. George, who is a keen pigeon racer, also worked on a number of farms in the area and was with the Tuddenham fire service.

Over the years the couple have had their fair share of lovers' tiffs, often down to Olive's “fiery temper,” but they have always worked through their problems.

“I remember when she was young she emptied a bag of flour over my head!” said George, 81. “I looked like the Abominable Snowman! We've had our ups and downs but I wouldn't change my life for anything.” “You've got to give and take,” added Olive. “That's all it is!”

The couple have three sons and one daughter, as well as six grandchildren, and they are all celebrating the anniversary tomorrow with a meal at the King's Head in Woodton.

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