Pair pen book on the history of Brooke

Daphne Warman and Marion Folkes have written a book on thee history of Brooke.

Daphne Warman and Marion Folkes have written a book on thee history of Brooke. - Credit: Nick Butcher

It’s a small village with a long history and now Brooke’s past has been put into a book by two residents.

Marion Folkes and Daphne Warman have spent the past ten years putting together information to go into, Brooke An Handsome Village with some Neate Houses - which details Brooke’s history from Domesday to the Millennium.

Mrs Warman, who has lived in the village for 41 years said: “We have drawn from an extensive achieve we have in the village started in 1949 by David James, a retired solicitor who loved and cared very much for Brooke.”

The pair then spent time deciphering the writings of Mr James after he left the village and his information was passed to them.

“We decided to put the book together because so many people have moved here but they don’t know the history,” said Mrs Folkes, who has lived in Brooke for 50 years.

“We got information from the village charity book at the church and people in the village have given us information and now the book is out they have given us even more.”

The 155 page book includes information on the life of the people of Brooke during the 11th and 12th centuries before moving through the major periods of history with pictures scattered throughout.

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“We loved doing the book,” said Mrs Folkes. “We sat in the garden with a cup of tea the other day and thought it was strange we had nothing to do.

“We want people to sit down and have a good read and think, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.”

Mrs Warman added: “We’re not thinking about another book, not yet, but we’re still compiling information. We’re having a rest - until September anyway.”

Copies of the book, which cost £10, can be bought from Brooke Post Office or by calling Mrs Warman on 01508 550719 or Mrs Folkes on 01508 550372.

The women would also like to hear from you if you have any history of Brooke.