Parents rally to resurrect school prom cancelled over Covid

school prom

Maria's son Charlie and Jemma's daughter Amber are some of the children excited for the school prom on Friday. - Credit: Maria List

Parents at a primary school in Beccles have rallied together to create an unforgettable year six prom night after it was forced to cancel due to Covid.

Year 6 pupils at Albert Pye Primary School in Beccles were left devastated after the planned school prom was cancelled because it was scheduled the day before July 19 'freedom day.'

But it inspired parents Maria List and Jemma Gooch-Boags to set up their very own primary school prom for the year sixes after 'freedom day' with permission from the teachers.


Pupils have been supporting Amber over the years at the primary school since her cancer diagnosis. - Credit: Maria List

The pupils have also been supporting Jemma's daughter, Amber, throughout their at the school after she was diagnosed with cancer four years ago.

Both parents realised that it would take more than the two of them to set up a prom for 60 children and were taken aback by the help and support from parents across the school and businesses in the town.

charlie and amber

Charlie and Amber when they were younger. - Credit: Maria List

Mrs List, 31, said: "Originally Jemma and I were going to organise the event but soon realised there was just so much to organise.

"We have 60 children across year six and they were all so gutted when they realised they wouldn't be able to have a school prom.

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"We decided to take matters into our own hands and when we put the post out on social media saying we were organising it we were blown away by support from other parents and businesses in the area."

Mrs List said parents and local businesses had rallied around to support the organisation of the prom.

She said: "Loads of parents have chipped in to help with items and donations it really has been great.


The prom will be held on Friday, July 23 for the year 6 pupils. - Credit: Maria List

"The support from local businesses in the town has also been great. We have been provided by a sweet table from Ali's Sweet Dreamz, an ice cream machine and a local photographer is coming along.

"It has been so difficult for children across the country this year.

"This is the last time many of them get to see their friends so we needed to give them a nice send off."

The prom will be festival themed and held at Ringsfield Village Hall on Friday, July 23.