Peacocks ruffle feathers in Beccles as they wreak havoc through town

A peacock spotted in Beccles

A peacock spotted in Beccles - Credit: Archant

An appeal has gone out to help capture an ostentation of peacocks which have gone on a rampage through Beccles town centre damaging cars and wreaking havoc in people’s gardens.

The clutch of exotic birds have been spotted in the town over the past six months, but Beccles councillor Graham Elliott has been receiving a barrage of calls from disgruntled residents who want the creatures removed and re-homed.

So far they have taken up residence at properties in Ballygate, Homefield Paddock and Puddingmoor, to name but a few, and have destroyed gardens and scratched vehicles.

Maisebrooke Farm in Shipmeadow have agreed to take the peacocks, but Mr Elliott, who is responsible for Beccles North, asked for experienced people to come forward to help catch the birds.

He said: “From my point of view they are becoming a nuisance to quite a lot of people and I’m getting quite a lot of phone calls about them. I am very happy to help in the safe capture of them.

“There are at least seven or eight now and I think they are splitting up and breeding. Maisebrooke Farm at Shipmeadow are willing to help and take them, but it is just a case of catching them. To be honest we aren’t making great progress and we need guidance of how best to do that.

“I’ve been involved for about the last six months and since then they have multiplied, but so has the damage they have done. They are beautiful to look at, but too numerous for a town centre location.”

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Melanie Goodwin, who lives in Homefield Paddock put up with them in her garden for six months before they moved on.

“They are very big birds and they are destructive without meaning to be. It’s not personal, but they are in the wrong place, they shouldn’t be here. My garden is my sanctuary, I couldn’t plant it up and they also stripped my neighbour’s tomato plants. I didn’t like to shove them away though because then you end up pushing them onto someone else.”

Can you help? Call Mr Elliott on 01502 714661.