Pedal power keeps founding member of Bungay cycling club going for 500,000 miles

Geoff Mayne with Caroline Dwen, owner of Rosy Lee's Tearoom, and other supporters after reaching the

Geoff Mayne with Caroline Dwen, owner of Rosy Lee's Tearoom, and other supporters after reaching the 500,000 mile mark. - Credit: Archant

Most people will not clock up 500,000 miles during a lifetime of driving.

Geoff Mayne pictured in 1954, aged 17.

Geoff Mayne pictured in 1954, aged 17. - Credit: Archant

But by putting his foot to the pedal Geoff Mayne has done exactly that on just two wheels.

The former Bungay teacher may be 80 next year, but that hasn’t stopped him from cycling half a million miles, the equivalent of a trip to the moon and back.

He now joins a group of men and women from across the UK, who have hit the milestone, making him one of the top 20 distance riders in an exclusive club.

Mr Mayne began cycling at 15 and is a founding member of Bungay’s Godric Cycling Club, which was formed in 1953 and is still going strong 60 years later.

He and fellow club members cycled from Green Pastures at Bergh Apton on Sunday and many watched along with friends and family as he crossed the line to reach 500,000 miles at Rosy Lee’s Tearoom in Loddon.

Mr Mayne said: “It was lovely that they made something of it. It was a very special moment. I felt overjoyed that I reached the milestone and rather reflective. I’ve cycled in four continents, in 20 countries and much of my joy of life comes from cycling.”

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As a former history teacher at Bungay Secondary Modern and Bungay Middle School, he successfully passed his passion down to his pupils, many of whom subsequently joined the club, and his three sons, one of which is now a director of the European Cycling Federation.

Despite moving to Scotland two years ago to be nearer his family, Mr Mayne is still an active member of Godric Cycling Club.

His latest achievement has placed him on the roll of honour in the 300,000 Miles Club, an organisation for riders who have reached 300,000 miles and more.

He became aware of the club several years ago from a cyclist he met when he joined his son Kevin on a Ride to Work day.

He said: “We were stopped by this chap that I didn’t know, he handed me a camera and asked me if I would take a picture of him shaking Kevin’s hand. He then went on to tell me that he had just reached his half a million mile mark. I thought ‘wow, that’s incredible’. I went home and looked at all my diaries since Godric was formed and I had definitely recorded 300,000 miles. I had probably done more than that to be honest, but life takes over and I hadn’t written it down.

“About eight or nine years ago I clocked up 400,000 and I did it with the club cycling to Rosy Lee’s Tearoom as its a favourite haunt of the club, so I promised I would go back there to mark my half million.

“I think I clocked 15,000 miles one year and that was my best, but on average it’s about 12,000. And of course the Scottish miles are a bit different to here, it’s a bit harder and I am approaching my 80th year.

“I’ve been so lucky to start with Godric because it’s been my passport to so many things. I’ve cycled the equivalent of 20 times round the world and I shall keep on cycling to see where it leads me.”