Permanent celebration of the Queen to be unveiled at Beccles museum

Beccles Museum are set to install a bench overlooking the Waveney river and plant a tree to celebrat

Beccles Museum are set to install a bench overlooking the Waveney river and plant a tree to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday. Town Mayor Hugh Taylor with Jennifer Langeskov and museum curator Robert Bacon PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

A permanent celebration of the Queen will be unveiled at a Beccles landmark the same day as her 90th birthday.

The commemorative space in the garden of the town museum in Ballygate will feature a weeping cherry tree and a decorative plaque to mark Her Majesty’s key year.

It will be accompanied by a special bench and plaque installed to signal 100 years since the mid-point of the first world war, which will overlook the picturesque Waveney Valley.

The project is a collaboration between Beccles Town Council, Beccles Feoffees and Beccles Museum. A ceremony led by mayor Hugh Taylor will take place on Thursday, April 21, with a reception at Leman House, the building, which houses the museum.

Mr Taylor said it seemed fitting to place the two commemorative features together.

“The long term plan is to be able to get rid of some of the trees so the view can be clear. Beccles Museum is a perfect place because of the historical element attached, the proximity of the river and connection to the town. It’s also mid-way between the town and the two memorials.”

It is hoped the union flag will be flown on the day, with prayers from bishop Gavin Reid.

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Beccles Feoffees dates back to the 1500s and was linked to the monarchy through the church until Henry V111 disestablished the Church of England, and the Holy Ghost Guild, from which it originates became an independent charity.

Feoffee Jennifer Langeskov said: “It will be a lovely view looking right out onto the meadow and river. Museum visitors will be able to enjoy the memorial to the Queen and use the bench for a time of quiet reflection.”

The ceremony will take place at noon and will be attended by representatives from the council, church, Feoffees and schoolchildren.