Poll: Would you like to see Bungay’s one-way system made permanent?

Bungay's one-way system.

Bungay's one-way system. - Credit: Picture: Nick Butcher

Letters have flooded into The Journal’s inbox this week as Bungay residents give their opinion on the one-way system.

The permanent plans are set to go on display later this month, but while town mayor Terry Reeve said the trial has gone “very well”, opposition campaigner Bob Prior said it had been a “disaster”.

Of those who took the time to write to The Journal it seems opinion continues to be split, although letters and comments were marginally more in favour of the system than against.

Among those to speak in favour were James Fitzgerald, of St Marys Street, Bungay, who said traffic flows more smoothly and safely, Christopher Sadler, of South Elmham St Margaret, who said flow has been vastly improved, David Lewis, of Beccles Road, Bungay, who said it has been an improvement, Chris Mann, of Woodland Drive, Bungay, who said it was excellent and should be extended.

Those speaking out against it included Leslie and Brinton, of Wissett, who agreed it was a “disaster”, Mr and Mrs Brown who said it has moved congestion to Lower Olland Street, Debra Guterres, of The Street, St James South Elmham, said money should be going into a bypass, and Tara Hallinan who said people are driving faster through the town.

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A debate on The Journal’s website saw more people speaking in favour of the system than against it.

Gaz said: “I am hoping that the one way system will become permanent. Since its introduction the long queues of traffic in St Mary’s Street have long since gone.”

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Didy Ward said: “Not only is the traffic flowing more smoothly, it is safer for the children walking from the Wharton Street area into town.”

However, there were comments from those against the scheme, with Father Brian saying one-way systems are a “1970s hangover”.

Lorraine Reade said: “I work for a coach company, and frequently pick very young children up from St Edmunds School, one of my main concerns is that we have great difficulty in picking the children up, and they have to cross both St Mary’s Street, and Priory Lane for us to collect them, and drop them off, if both the crossings are removed how on earth are the children going to cross the road safely.”

The trial has been running since September.

The exhibition of the final proposed design will be held at the Fisher Theatre, in Bungay. It will be held Wednesday, February 20 and Thursday, February 21 from 11am to 7pm, Friday, February 22 11am to 3pm, and Saturday, February 23 10am to 2pm.

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