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Last year's Armed Forces Day on Royal Green in Lowestoft. Picture: Mick Howes.

Last year's Armed Forces Day on Royal Green in Lowestoft. Picture: Mick Howes. - Credit: Archant

Show support at annual event

On Saturday, June 24, the local branch of the RAF Association will be attending the Armed Forces Day event on Royal Plain, Lowestoft.

This national event which is celebrated throughout the UK is a chance for all to show support for the men and women who make up the armed forces community and place themselves in harms way to protect the nation.

It is also an excellent opportunity for children to expand their knowledge of the various groups of service personnel who protect them and their friends throughout the year. The event is open to the public at 10am and comprises members of all three services, military equipment, ex-service associations and band music with the veteran’s parade and drumhead service taking place at noon.

Please come and support the veterans and serving personnel and their families.



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RAF Association (RAFA)

Beccles and Southwold

Being MP is an honour

It’s a great honour to have been re-elected as Waveney’s MP.

I would like to thank all those who contributed so much in the General Election locally; the returning officer and the team of volunteers at the count and at the polling stations, the police, all the other candidates and their and my own teams.

Moving forward, I’ll ensure that Waveney’s voice is heard in Westminster. I’ll promote Waveney as a great place to do business, work to ensure that the third crossing and other important transport and infrastructure projects are completed on time, campaign to ensure that Brexit benefits the area and work with the NHS, schools, colleges, the councils and the police to deliver high quality local public services.


Waveney MP

We can lead in Waveney

Understandably Waveney Constituents will still be unsettled with the national result as we all are still waiting to hear just how a new Government will be formed. Please may I extend my thanks to all our constituents for their contribution.

We congratulate Peter Aldous re elected to serve Waveney as I too extend well wishes to all Waveney candidates as we now resume our former duties, mine continuing with the team on the new Lowestoft Council. Whilst I too am fully aware of the uncertainty we all find ourselves in, I will still continue to offer the much needed encouragement to all as the opportunity we have here in Waveney far outweighs the “doom and gloom” and I have no doubt constituents really want to move on forward.

Effective, engaging leadership is vital and requires us all to play our part to best serve Waveney to which I do look forward to contributing to ensure all will benefit fairly.

There is much more work to do, Waveney families we can lead!

Looking forward to keeping in touch with all.

Yours faithfully and proud to have served Waveney in the parliamentary election as your Independent candidate.


Oulton Broad

Garden party success

The Friends of All Hallows would like to thank everyone who donated prizes and articles for sale for the Garden Party held on Saturday, June 10, which was an enormous success.

We would also like to thank the Waggy Tails Dogs for a splendid agility display, the Lowestoft Signing Choir for their very moving performance and also the Loddon Band which always completes the day with their wonderful playing. All the stalls did very well indeed and the weather was kind enabling both visitors and patients to enjoy the afternoon immensely.

Everyone who helped us and everyone who attended are hugely appreciated by us all.


Friends of All Hallows

Helping animals in need

June 12 to 18 is RSPCA Week, when we celebrate 193 years of helping animals most in need.

This year is particularly special as it marks 10 years since the Animal Welfare Act came into force and our 160 branches will be marking this milestone with some of their own achievements.

Since this landmark law was passed, the RSPCA has helped more than 3.6million animals across England and Wales and during that same period, branches across England and Wales have rehomed more than 444,000 animals, microchipped more than 335,000 animals, neutered more than 480,000 and helped towards more than 891,000 vet treatments for poorly animals whose owners were struggling to meet the costs.

Our branches do an amazing job, whether it’s fundraising, helping poorly animals through our clinics or finding homes for those animals who have often been through the most appalling neglect and abuse.

All of this is possible thanks to the hard work of volunteers and generous donations from local people. This RSPCA Week, I want to take the opportunity to thank them.

Last year there were nearly 150,000 complaints of cruelty across England and Wales which shows there is still a real need for the work we do. To find out more about your local RSPCA branch and what you can do to support us, visit