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The Ceilidh at Clinks Care Farm. Picture: Courtesy of Marion Watts.

The Ceilidh at Clinks Care Farm. Picture: Courtesy of Marion Watts. - Credit: Archant

Rod Cooper’s letter about the Quay (BBJ June 23) raises an interesting point.

In 1974 during the process creating Waveney District Council and eliminating Beccles Borough Council, our quay was passed to Waveney DC as though it were council property.

We now know that the council’s assumption of ownership to be untrue. The Quay has been part of Beccles Fen since the Elizabeth I Charter. Recently a

QC charity specialist and the Charity Commission confirmed the Fen’s charitable status commenced from the day it was given to Beccles inhabitants by the Crown and that it continues in perpetuity.

Although the Quay ‘transfer’ to Waveney occurred prior to this legal confirmation the Local Government Act (1972), under which the ‘transfer’ occurred, protected all privileges or rights belonging to citizens thus ensuring uninterrupted continuity.

So, as Beccles Borough Council never owned the Fen, acting only as trustees for the town’s inhabitants, they could not transfer ‘ownership’ to Waveney because they possessed neither ownership nor selling rights! Despite their assumption they were constrained to passing their trustee responsibilities to Waveney in its role as their ‘successor council’.

The charitable purpose of Beccles Fen has also been recently legally reviewed confirming that it is ‘for the benefit of Beccles inhabitants’ and ‘the trustees are not entitled to income from the land for their own benefit’, hence the formation of Beccles Fenland Charity Trust.

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Waveney District Council have, for over 40 years, used (probably unwittingly) the income from the Quay in ways that directly conflict with the charitable purpose for which the Fen was given by the Crown.

Ignorance might have existed about the Quay’s charitable status in the past but no such excuse exists now. If the ‘return’ now being considered actually takes place then would not Waveney DC paying 100pc of the outstanding maintenance costs be the simplest way to rectify this municipal error? Certainly costs thrust upon Beccles inhabitants or any use of the Beccles Fenland Charity Trust money would be adding insult to injury!


Fen Lane


Group fighting to extend 20mph

As a consequence of the coverage in last week’s BBJ of the efforts of residents across Beccles to reduce traffic speeds in built-up and residential areas within the town, a new group has been formed entitled 20’s Plenty for Beccles.

The aim is to persuade the relevant authorities both to extend the town’s existing, somewhat limited 20mph limits and to enforce the 20mph speed limit where it currently exists.

The group is starting a ‘SlowDown’ petition over the coming weekend (Beccles Charter Weekend), as well as calling for a public meeting to permit residents to voice their concerns about traffic speeds within the town and reiterating the invitation already made by some residents that the Police Commissioner comes to Beccles to explain why Suffolk Constabulary will not permit the enforcement of 20mph limits within the county.

For further information about the new group, please email


20’s plenty for Beccles

Lively Ceilidh a big success

Clinks Care Farm held its sixth annual Ceilidh on June 10, and with all tickets sold and superb weather the evening was a roaring success.

Lively music from Ceilidh band Skiphire had everyone up and dancing until late in the evening. Food produced on the farm, including the pig for the hog roast, made this a mouth watering occasion!

Iris van Zon and Doeke Dobma, who run the farm, would like to thank everyone who attended and are pleased to say that the total raised was £1,550, which included money from ticket sales, a raffle and donations. The money will be used for equipping the new Barn Shop at the farm, which will be opening within two weeks. This will provide retail opportunities for Farm Helpers, and will initially be open from 9.30am to 3.30pm every week day.

The roadside stall will still be open daily until dusk. More information is on the website at


Toft Monks

Precinct stall raised £600

A stall in the precinct in Beccles recently raised £600. This has been shared between Waveney Enterprises and the Waveney Centre.



Parkinson’s UK charity thanks

I would like to thank all the people who are involved with the Charity Shop at 52 Langley Road, Chedgrave.

The money raised will all go towards Parkinson’s UK with a hope to finding a cure. Special thanks also to your newspaper for covering our opening and introducing us the community. Chedgrave and Loddon are certainly Parkinson’s aware now.

Join our Facebook page to keep up to date with all our special offers at Charity Shop in aid of Parkinson’s UK.