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The overall strategy included in Waveney's draft Local Plan. Picture: Waveney District Council.

The overall strategy included in Waveney's draft Local Plan. Picture: Waveney District Council. - Credit: Archant

Regarding Waveney’s Area Plan to develop land around Beccles and Worlingham we should be asking our district council some very searching questions, such as why is Beccles earmarked for the greatest number of housing?

What will be the outcome when all these people need to see a doctor or dentist? Our health centre is on its knees, getting to see a GP is now a minefield, that’s if you can even get to speak to anyone.

Will we be given a proper police station with proper policemen to deal with the extra populace?

Will we have a new sewerage plant as the present one is running at full capacity and in danger of overflowing? We need new pipes not connecting to the old system.

How will our small market town cope with the influx of traffic which already grinds to a halt on certain days, giving off pollutants making life miserable for those living close by?

How many of these new builds will be affordable homes, homes for young people, for local people, and how many are earmarked for other council areas around the country and where will all the employment be?

Our main town storm drain is inadequate and needs raising now to allow for the extra building which has taken place since it was last heightened in the 1960s. It cannot take any more, especially when the experts are telling us how rainfall is going to increase over the next decade, so what will be done to alleviate flooding?

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There are so many questions which need answers, but unless these few vital ones are addressed both councils and planners will be endangering the lives of the residents by not keeping us safe.

Our present infrastructure will not sustain the massive expansion planned.


Beccles Volunteers call for the Scouts

This time last year I was in Rio winning my second Olympic Gold medal. This year I’m taking on a new challenge, I’m volunteering with The Scout Association as a Scout Ambassador.

In Beccles and Bungay, there are dozens of Scouts who are spending the summer having adventures and learning new skills. We have challenged Scouts in Beccles and Bungay to learn 50 new skills over the summer holiday. But we think every child in the UK should have a go too. The skills they learn this summer may well help them save a life, get a job in years to come or maybe go on to become an Olympic Champion!

The Scouts in Beccles and Bungay are doing amazing things, but none of it would be possible without our amazing team of volunteers. Some of the most influential people in my whole childhood were my Scout leaders, who I’m still in touch with now.

In Scouting, young people develop independence, resilience and initiative - in short, essential life skills, employability skills and practical skills that will help them enjoy a brighter future.

To take on the challenge yourself visit


Double Olympic Champion and Scout Ambassador Decision-makers not from here

In response to the comment made in Waveney’s First Draft Local Plan which stated “levels of development proposed for Beccles and Worlingham over the next 20 years is similar to that over the previous two decades”, I would ask where those figures were obtained from as it doesn’t appear to be accurately researched.

In the Census figures I have obtained, it would appear the population of Beccles and Worlingham has only increased by approximately 1,000 people (including children) over those 20 years.

It could be perhaps that Waveney’s statement is referring to the overall increase right across Waveney and not just in Worlingham and Beccles.

In Worlingham’s Housing Needs Assessment – a thoroughly researched 59-page document, it would seem the housing needs for Beccles and Worlingham is in the region of 300, some of which have already been built. This is in line with the previous 20-year increase and a level no-one would have issues with.

It is also worth noting that some of the people involved in making decisions about the Beccles area, not only don’t live nearby but have not even visited the area and thus probably have no knowledge of our narrow streets.



Thank you all for your support

May I through your letters page say a huge thank you to all the players, supporters and their families who supported the Dale Clarke Memorial Matches played at Earsham FC on Sunday, August 6 and then joined us for a BBQ at the Earsham Queens Head afterwards.

It was a fantastic tribute to such a great man, to see so many people at Earsham FC, where Dale was First Team Manager before he died from Pancreatic Cancer in 2015. A special thank you must go to Myles Clarke for making the day such a success.

We made a profit of £975 on the day, which is an amazing amount of money and will be split between Earsham FC and Pancreatic Cancer UK.



Earsham FC