It’s elementary for Rosie as she follows in father’s footsteps with Sherlock Holmes poem

Rosie Mower with her father Mark. Photo: Mark Mower.

Rosie Mower with her father Mark. Photo: Mark Mower. - Credit: Archant

For 10-year-old Rosie Mower mystery runs in the family.

The Geldeston school girl is celebrating after her first poem was published in a new collection of Sherlock Holmes short stories - alongside the work of her writer father Mark.

Her acrostic poem, ‘The Great Detective’, opens ‘Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon’, which was published last month.

The youngster, who attends Ellingham Primary School, decided to follow in her father’s footsteps after the BBC’s Benedict Cumberbatch-led production of Sherlock piqued her interest in the legendary detective.

Mr Mowers said: “I’ve always had a passion for Sherlock Holmes, it was something I thought I would love to have a go at writing.

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“Luckily it was a long held passion I was able to put into action.

“Rosie is part of that generation that got into it through the recent adaptation on the BBC. She knew my interest and wrote the poem out of the blue.”

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The writer, who has also published numerous crime and history books, sent his daughter’s poem to his editor with a tongue-in-cheek message explaining how he had inspired a whole new generation.

Mr Mower added: “When I first read it I thought it was superb. I sent it over with no objective in mind and didn’t think anything about it.”

The editor was so impressed by Rosie’s first foray into poetry he emailed back straight away and told the proud father it would make a perfect addition to the upcoming collection.

“I was delighted and so was Rosie,” said Mr Mower, “She was actually far more impressed by the fact she would be getting royalties than that she was getting published.

“She obviously has a good business mind.”

Speaking of her unexpected success the 10-year-old said: “I’m very happy just to be in a book with my dad. He inspires me because he writes very good Sherlock Holmes stories.

“I’m very proud of the poem and I hope one day to get a Sherlock Holmes story published.”

Mr Mower added: “To see your child’s name in print, alongside your own is very special indeed.

“Naturally it makes me feel proud. She put herself out there with an original work and I think she has a talent we can nurture.”

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