Stan Still arrives in Beccles to hear your views

RESIDENTS and shoppers in Beccles may have noticed a new face about town this month.

He may be see-through and made of wire but “Stan Still” has arrived to listen to your views as part of a community voice project.

Created by local artist Angela Bradford, Stan was commissioned by the Upstairs Gallery on Exchange Square, to give a voice to the town on issues that affect the Beccles community.

Gallery owner Michelle Payne, said: “He is not here to rant and rave, just to connect members of the public to stand still and think. We are trying to send out a link with the community.

“He brings attention to events that are happening in the town and he even has his own printed newspaper when there are big things happening, which can be collected from the gallery. He just goes outside on the bench when he has something to say.

“We are getting sent lots of photos of people with him and chatting to him. The amount of people who sit and talk to Stan is incredible.

“If there’s an event happening in Beccles we will get Stan to talk about it.”

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Stan is also available on loan so if you have issues that arise within your community and would like to give Stan a voice please contact the Upstairs Gallery on 01502 717191.

• You can follow Stan on facebook by searching “Stan Still”.