Where to get the cheapest fuel in Suffolk as prices stay high

Fuel prices have started to fall in Suffolk but are still close to record highs

Fuel prices in Suffolk are still close to record highs (file photo) - Credit: PA

Drivers are continuing to feel the squeeze at fuel stations as prices remain near record highs – so where are the cheapest places to fill up in Suffolk?

Just 10% of more than 4,500 UK forecourts are charging a fair price for petrol and diesel, according to new figures from the RAC.

The breakdown assistance firm believes retailers should be charging nearer to 174p for a litre of unleaded in response to wholesale prices that have fallen in recent weeks.

But the latest prices have shown the majority of Suffolk stations are still charging between 180p and 190p per litre of petrol.

The PetrolPrices app has collated the cost of fuel at a number of forecourts – here are some of the cheapest prices reported in Suffolk towns over the past 48 hours.


Asda, Stoke Park Drive

Unleaded: 184.7p

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Diesel: 195.7p


Morrisons, Grange Farm Avenue

Unleaded: 189.9p

Diesel: 196.9p


Gulf, Melton Road

Unleaded: 191.9p

Diesel: 197.9p

Bury St Edmunds

Esso, Fornham Road

Unleaded: 185.9p

Diesel: 196.6p


Tesco, Fordham Road

Unleaded: 188.9p

Diesel: 195.9p


Sainsbury's, Great Cornard Road

Unleaded: 184.9p

Diesel: 195.9p


Tesco, Yarmouth Road

Unleaded: 179.9p

Diesel: 195.9p