Saharan dust set to sweep across UK once again

Handout photo taken with permission from the Twitter account of @me HaydenWright of Saharan dust on

Saharan dust is expected to fall over most of the UK again tomorrow - Credit: PA

Saharan dust, which turned the skies orange and pink last month, is expected to sweep across the UK again.

Weather experts have warned the dust cloud is expected to fall during forecast showers on Tuesday.

It comes after the Saharan dust fell over most of the country last month

Saharan dust causes brown rain to fall in Norfolk

The dust left its mark on cars throughout the country - Credit: Johan Neethling

Phil Garner, from the East Anglian-based weather forecaster Weatherquest, said: "There is the risk of one or two showers in the morning and again in the afternoon. 

"Much of the UK is at risk of seeing some dust deposited.

"There is a broad area of showery rain moving across the whole of Britain from the south tomorrow so much of Britain is at risk of seeing Saharan dust at times.

"The dust obviously starts off in the Saharan, where there has been some quite windy conditions recently, and the dust gets picked up from the surface and gets transported in the wind. 

"As the air gets warm the dust rises with the air and then as the warm air comes north and showers start developing the rain which falls pick up the specs of dirt."

Sharan dust brings 'brown rain' to the UK

Weatherquest said the dust is expected during showers on Tuesday - Credit: Owen Reed