Showers and thunder predicted for jubilee weekend in Suffolk

Storms over Suffolk

Forecasters predict that showers with a thundery nature could hit Suffolk late Saturday night and early Sunday morning - Credit: Daniel Dunstan

Jubilee weekend in Suffolk could see showers and thunder - but this should clear before the Big Jubilee Lunches on Sunday.

Forecasters at Weatherquest predict that while most of Saturday will be relatively dry, substantial rain and thunder is due on Saturday night and Sunday morning. 

Meteorologist Adam Dury said: "Some cloud will develop into the early hours [of Saturday], which has a very small chance of forming showers first thing tomorrow morning, but chances are that Saturday will be a dry day too."

A street party in Fairfield Avenue, felixstowe, to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

It seems likely that the showers will barely miss most of the planned Jubilee celebrations - Credit: Archant

He added: "There will be bits and pieces of cloud as well as odd sunny spells with highs of probably only 17-18C. The closer to the coast you are, the cooler it will be, getting down to 14C just by the sea

"From Saturday evening, after 10pm, there will be an increased risk of some showery rain, which could have a thundery nature to it.

"This could turn quite heavy on first thing Sunday morning, so it is going to be a bit of a wet start with bits of thundery rain."

However, it looks unlikely that these showers will impact the big jubilee lunches which are taking place across the county on Sunday afternoon. 

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Mr Dury continued: "It should gradually clear by Sunday afternoon but it will stay fairly cloudy, with the odd sunny spell.

"Once you get through to the afternoon, after midday, it will be turning dryer with an odd bit of sunshine around.

"We're looking at temperatures of 15-16C in Suffolk and 17C in Essex." 

Speaking about the rest of the week he added: "The rain is still about on Monday and it is probably going to feel a bit humid, but still below-average temperatures. 

"On Tuesday, It will be slightly warmer and should be a dry day, while on Wednesday, further showers may be coming in from the west, although highs will be getting back up to 20C. 

"Potentially by the end of the week we'll have another round of thundery rain."