Almost 12,000 homes in Suffolk without power morning after Storm Eunice

UK Power Networks apologised for the disruption Picture: ARCHANT

UK Power Networks has revealed how many homes are without electricity

Thousands of homes through Suffolk remain without power the morning after Storm Eunice battered the county and brought down electricity cables.

UK Power Networks, which manages the power grid in the East of England, confirmed 11,900 properties in Suffolk were still affected by outages at 6am on Saturday.

At the peak, almost 14,000 homes in Suffolk had been hit by a power cut.

UK Power Networks has warned restoring electricity could take some time due to the scale of the task.

A statement on its website said: "Storm Eunice caused significant damage to parts of the electricity network in the South East and East of England, after the worst sustained high winds we have seen in our region for years.

"The weather caused a month’s worth of faults in a day. Our equipment has been damaged in more than 1,800 locations.

"We have managed to restore more than 84% of those affected, by remote control so far. Now winds have subsided, engineers are working to locate, assess and begin repairing damage to restore supplies as quickly as possible.

"We will be prioritising damage affecting the largest groups of customers first. We are working hard to restore all supplies as quickly as possible, although this is a multi-day event."