Town to get new youth centre to provide 'safe place' for young people

riverside centre

Bungay Riverside Centre will house the youth centre. - Credit: Bungay Town Council

A new youth centre in Bungay is set to  benefit young people in the town who have been affected by the social and economic hardships felt by Covid.

Access Community Trust, a non-for-profit organisation, is set to establish a new youth centre at the Riverside Centre in Bungay aimed at children ages eight to 18-years-old.

Youth worker for Access, Martha Coleman, said: "Our aim is to provide a safe place for young people in Bungay.

"The centre is now very close to opening and we have got a team in place and qualified workers to make this a reality now."

Young people will be able to get involved in activities every Wednesday night from 6pm and the centre will include everything from cooking skills to games and snooker.

The centre will also offer services to 'neets' (Not in education, employment and training) in the town.


Graffiti daubed on the walls of the toilets at Priory Lane in Bungay. - Credit: Bungay Town Council

It is hoped a centre will help deter local crime in the area, such as the recent graffiti found on a block of toilets in Priory Lane.

The toilets, on Priory Lane, had only recently undergone refurbishment when they were targeted by vandals at some point between 9am on August 18 and 9am the following day.

Miss Chapman said it is all about changing the mindset of young people in the town and this starts with encouraging positive thinking through centres like the new youth one being established.

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She said: "There is a massive need for a youth centre here in Bungay because simply put, there just aren't enough things or activities for young people to get involved with in the town.

"They need a positive influence and positive outlook and getting involved in events down at the youth centre can really help with this.

"I think the social and economic effects of the Covid pandemic have particularly hit young people hard, especially in rural areas like Bungay.

"Covid has had the biggest impact on young people's mental health, aspirations and socialisation more than any other generation.

"The socialisation aspect that this youth centre will encourage will be really important because children's personal development and wellbeing are absolutely paramount."