Beccles hockey ladies battle in vain

Beccles Ladies 0, Harleston Magpies III 3

HOCKEY: Beccles Ladies played their first home game this season against a skilful and youthful Magpies 3rd team, in the Premier Division of the M and A Partners Norfolk League.

Although Beccles put up plenty of resistance, the Magpies side on the day was quicker and more structured.

Captain Jodie Smith and Elane Gardner both made their first appearance of this season as Beccles managed to field 13 players for this game. Magpies went ahead after 13 minutes with a well-taken reverse stick shot along the ground.

Beccles managed to stave off the attacks for the rest of the first half and the score remained 0-1 at half-time. Although Magpies had the majority of the possession throughout the game, the Beccles players played with more urgency in the second half as they consistently battled for possession.

Amy Thornton at right-back excelled with her anticipation and decisive tackling and distribution of the ball.

Gammo and Laura Bonnor were kept very busy and made a very good contribution to defending their goal. When Beccles attacked, they were quickly surrounded, making it extremely difficult to progress into the D as the visitors defended in numbers.

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Beccles did not perform to their usual standard with large gaps opening up between defence, midfield and forwards.

The opposition can take a lot of the recognition for this due to their tight marking and first-rate teamwork. It was not until 19 minutes into the second half that Magpies increased their lead and again 11 minutes from full time, putting all hopes away of Beccles gaining anything from this game.

Beccles will have to console themselves with the fact that they were beaten by a superior team by only three goals.

This week Beccles play Norwich City at home, 10.30am start.