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THE third running of the Roger Wing Memorial 10km Road Race took place on Good Friday.The course was an out-and-back one, which started outside The Artichoke pub in Broome near Bungay and went out just short of Hales Green where the runners turned and retraced their steps home.

THE third running of the Roger Wing Memorial 10km Road Race took place on Good Friday.

The course was an out-and-back one, which started outside The Artichoke pub in Broome near Bungay and went out just short of Hales Green where the runners turned and retraced their steps home.

The out-bound leg was into a very stiff north wind, the return leg was a very fast one that encouraged several runners towards personal bests.

The race winner broke the course record with a very swift time of 32min 54sec.

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The charities that were supported by this event were East Suffolk Prostate Support Group and Breast Cancer Care.

Bungay Black Dog Running Club recognised the huge amount of work done by Cancer UK with their Running For Life series of races and wanted to perpetuate the momentum they have built up. This was the main reason for selecting the two charities.

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Prostate cancer has, they felt, been left behind in terms of men being pro-active. It was felt that if they and breast cancer were brought together at one event, prostate cancer may be brought to the attention of men, who tend to put it at the back of their minds.

The club tried to stimulate a certain amount of rivalry between the sexes by challenging them to compete as to who could raise the most money, the males or the females. The generosity of the runners was overwhelming, with a large amount of money being given by donation or sponsorship.

Unless the donor stipulated otherwise, the male entry fee and donation went to Prostate and the female to Breast Cancer Care.

At this point there is no final total, and it has to be decided how to divide it, but an estimated total is about £1,200. As soon as the totals are accounted they will be publicly announced.

The amount going to the charities is 100 per cent as Bungay Black Dog Running Club are covering all the expenses involved in promoting the event.

The presence of John Dent, chair of Prostate Care, and his committee gave an added sense of reality to the event. His brief talk about prostate cancer after the prize presentation was well received and thought provoking.

The entry was very pleasing with an all-time club 10km race entry record being achieved. With 184 entries it beat the old record by over 50 runners.

Additionally, the Fun Run was re-introduced after an absence of many years.

On a very cold and windy day it was very satisfying to have 30 plus runners line up at the start, ranging in age from Peter Lowther, not yet three, to adults of nearly 50. All fun runners received a small Easter egg and category winners receiving larger ones.

In the 10km event goodie bags, small eggs and bottles of beer were awarded to finishers. The category winners were awarded larger Easter eggs that were sponsored by Tesco at Beccles.

The standard of the runners was very good and all completed the event inside 70 minutes, which is very commendable.

Bungay Black Dog Running Club thanked the residents of Broome Village for their patience and courtesy, when for two hours they were somewhat outnumbered by runners.

THE third running of the Roger Wing Memorial 10km road race. Results - Male: Winner David Miller (Woodbridge Shufflers) 32:54 CR, V40 Richard Moore (Waveney Valley AC) 35:13, V50 Pete Johnson (Norfolk Gazelles) 39:12, V60 Terry Mulcahy (Bungay Black Dog RC) 42:29.

Female: Winner Nicola Rogers (Colchester & Tendering) 38:38, V35 Adele Stach-Keyitz (Newham & Essex Beagles) 44:11, V45 Anne Millett (Norwich Road Runners) 45:15, V55 Veronica Manly (Diss AC) 48:05.

One-Mile Fun Run results for the Roger Wing Memorial Charity. This was run over a distance of one mile on a flat course.

Male: U10 Kieran Haywood, U12 Sam Crisp, U14 Kieran McMorran (WVAC), U16 Matt James, O16 John White BBDRC).

Female: U10 Isobel Rix, U12 Charlotte James (BBDRC), U14 Kirsty Palmer, O16 Fran Barton.

Youngest competitor: Peter Lowther (2 years 9 months).

Full Fun Run results: Kieran McMorran 6:24, John White 6:25, Matt James 6:35, Kirsty Palmer 7:19, Sam Crisp 7:33, Robert Bishop 7:41, Robert Tillett 7:42, Sebastian Morton 7:45, Craig Palmer 8:15, Robbie Sait-Stewart 8:20, Fran Barton 8:33, Clarissa Davis 8:34, Mathew Maywood 9:06, Sammy James 9:13, Isobel Rix 9:17, Kieran Haywood 9:27, Ami Barton 9:55, Shaun Palmer 10:22, Karen Emery 10:36, Luis Wiam 10:56, Emily Richardson 10:56, Charlotte Rix 10:59, Jason Rix 10:59, Lydia Davis 11:29, Ami Crisp 11:29, Charlotte James 11:33, Sarah Chambers 11:36, Lisa Riches 11:49, Eleanor Haywood 11:49, Lucy Munson 11:28, Peter Lowther 25:04.

Roger Wing Charity 10km: 1 David Miller (Woodbridge Shufflers) 23:54, 2 Kuke Allen (CONAC) 33:23, 3 Carl Prewer (Lowestoft Road Runners) 34:40, 4 Richard Moore (Waveney Valley AC) 35:13, 5 Andrew Walpole (CONAC) 35:51, 6 Oliver Milk (Wymondham AC) 37:20, 7 Chris Pimlott (Waveney Valley AC) 38:02, 8 Andrew Houghton 38:03, 9 Nigel Hodge (City of Norwich) 38:09, 10 John White (BBDRC) 38:14.

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