Exciting racing at Beccles Sailing Club

This weekend Beccles Amateur Sailing Club is privileged to be hosting the famous Ramuz Trophy.

This year this most coveted prize is being competed for in Enterprises which are a- plenty at Beccles, so if you want to watch some of the best helms from across the Broads area, get down to the river-frontage at BASC on Sunday and enjoy what will undoubtedly be an extremely exciting day’s racing, first race 11am.

A force three to four south-westerly and plenty of water made the Waveney a sailors’ paradise last Saturday for the penultimate week of racing in Series C.

And the big guns were left wanting in the first senior handicap race as a good start from Glen Curtis with crew Kevin Edwards in Enterprise Polyarchy saw them heading the fleet of 12 with the Lasers over the course rewarding them with first on corrected time over the three rounds.

A crew change didn’t alter the fortunes of Polyarchy either for the Enterprise challenge as Andy Rusted took to the jib sheets and secured another win, albeit with a small fleet of three boats.

Both Mirror II campaigns favoured the older helms as they battled with the blustery breeze with Charlie Folkard and Harry Shipley easily taking first and second spots respectively this week.

Rory Kelsey’s form in Tankard remained unchanged with new crew Shirley Roll, their tussle with the Shipleys in Herewego made for great spectating and they fully deserved their victory in the Norfolk race.

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Hats off to the small Oppie fleet who braved the first race in the Cinnabar Cup, the wind really got up on the start line resulting in a couple of retirements.

But Racheal Folkard persevered, to her credit, and forged out a good lead from the horn and finished first but had to settle for third in the second race as cup leader Elena Edwards returned to the water with George Curtis who took first and second positions.

Lasers dominated in the Will Judge Trophy and all enjoyed some planing conditions at times, Jake Shipley in Sonic Screwdriver just beating Matt Deller in Hellraiser to the line.

But this was to be his only win as Richard Deller, with temporary crew Rowan Curtis, pointed up well from the start in the second senior mixed handicap to put them well ahead in their Enterprise by the new bridge mark.

Despite the hard-working efforts of Jake who overtook and finished first, he had to settle for second place as the Commodore roared through the line behind to take the honours on corrected time.

Results – King George V Pennant race one (12): 1 Polyarchy (G Curtis/K Edwards), 2 Herewego (N and A Shipley), 3 Tankard (R Kelsey/S Roll).

Mirror II race one (5): 1 Charlie (C Folkard), 2 Just Harry 2 (H Shipley), 3 Mambo Jambo (R Curtis).

Cinnabar Cup race one (4): 1 Racheal (R Folkard), 2 Club Oppy (P Roll), 3 Club Oppy (J Woolnough).

Kerrich Cup (3): 1 Polyarchy, 2 Laura III (S Halliday/R Lewis), 3 Coppi ( M Thrower/D Elliott).

Bacchante Trophy (2): 1 Tankard, 2 Herewego. Will Judge Trophy (7): 1 Sonic Screwdriver (J Shipley), 2 Hellraiser (M Deller), 3 Rhino (B Ashcroft).

Mirror II race two (4): 1 Charlie, 2 Just Harry 2, 3 Mambo Jambo.

Cinnabar Cup race two (5): 1 Cinnabar (E Edwards), 2 Robin Hood (G Curtis), 3 Racheal.

King George V Pennant race two (9): 1 Cuddles (R Deller/R Curtis), 2 Sonic Screwdriver, 3 Herewego.