Loddon Dolphins in gala battles

“Outstanding achievement, courageous and confident” were words Mark Stone, Loddon White Dolphins chairman and coach, used to describe the 77 Dolphin Juniors taking part in the club's annual gala.

“Outstanding achievement, courageous and confident” were words Mark Stone, Loddon White Dolphins chairman and coach, used to describe the 77 Dolphin Juniors taking part in the club's annual gala.

For many swimmers it was their first-ever gala.

A packed Hobart High School pool buzzed with proud parents and supporters who turned out to watch the youngsters show off their swimming skills and break eight club records.

6 Year Olds

Emily Matthews took freestyle first with Gabriella Crisp, Leanna Ball and Sydney Frost taking second, third and fourth places. Emily went on to complete a strong backstroke win, this time with Sydney Frost second, Leanna Ball third and Gabriella Crisp fourth.

Tom Caston gained a new record with a fast first in boys' freestyle; James Humphries and Toby Clarke battled for second and third places and Joshua Field fourth. Ethan Staines won backstroke with close second, third and fourth places going to Cameron English, Reece Humphries and James Humphries. Excellent first gala performances from Alex Carver, Billy Folkard, Harry Browne & Lewis Rumsby.

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Trophy Awards: 'Progress and Effort through the Year' - Emily Matthews; 'Stone's for Positive Attitude' - Joshua Field; 'Very Good Effort' - Lewis Rumsby; 'Good Effort' - (Girls) Gabriella Crisp, (Boys) Alex Carver.

7 Year Olds

Grace Madsen broke the club record in both her front crawl heat and later the front crawl final, taking first place. Charlotte Robertson was second, Kirsty Sait-Steward third and Abbie Mallett fourth.

Backstroke reversed the places with Charlotte Robertson first, Grace Madsen second, Maya Silk third and Katherine Hayes fourth.

Maya went on to secure breaststroke first. Strong swimming saw front crawl and backstroke new records go to Alex Robertson. James Edge took second place in both with Billy Littlewood front crawl third and James Jenkins fourth; James Jenkins was third in backstroke, Callum Vincent fourth. Good swim times from Rebecca Innes and Marli Solgun .

Trophy Awards: 'Tenacity & Determination' - Maya Silk; 'Good Effort' - (Boys) Callum Vincent, James Jenkins; (Girls) Katherine Hayes.

8 Year Olds

Powerful swimming secured a new record and first for Abigail Humphries in backstroke and a first in front crawl. The unlucky Georgina Matthews took second place in both events with Emily Siggins and Lily Porter taking third and fourth in backstroke and Emma Hunter and Grace Hunter battling for third and fourth in a close front crawl.

Amy Framingham & Emily Siggins produced strong first and second places in butterfly and Abbie Silk secured a breaststroke first.

Mitchell Boothby and Barnaby Lambert fought for backstroke first and second places with Louis Albrow third and Jake Caston fourth. In front crawl Luke Morgan pulled away to win followed by Mitchell Boothby second, Jake Caston third and Barnaby Lambert fourth. Good performances from Eleanor Storey, Megan Cottrell, Bethany Allen, Carmel Pooley, Molly Cushing, and James Walker.

Trophy awards: 'Club Swimmer of the Year' - Abbie Silk; 'Michael Hogarth for Tenacity' - Abigail Humphries; 'Great Technique' - Barnaby Lambert; 'Good Effort' Grace Hunt, Lily Porter and Georgina Matthews.

9 Year Olds

Katherine English pipped Fenella Jenkins to first place in backstroke with Lilian Dorey third and Hannah Keely fourth.

Hannah went on to win front crawl with Fenella Jenkins and Annabel Wykes battling out respective second and third places and Alicia Gray securing a hard-fought fourth place. Strong breaststroke from Annabel secured first with Katherine English second and Tara Jenkins and Lilian Dorey taking a close third and fourth place. Butterfly first and a new record went to Tara Jenkins.

An early lead gave Daniel Siggins backstroke first and a new record with Stuart Clarke and Alexander Husband swimming close second and third places.

Daniel later took front crawl first to Luke Page second with Fraser McKnespiey and Johnny Reynolds wrestling for third and fourth places. Fraser swam a strong butterfly win with Luke Page second. An excellent demonstration of breaststroke came from both Stuart Clarke who broke the club record to win and Callum Ansell with a very close second.

Good performances from Maisie Ford, William Rowe, George Browne, Robert Innes and Michael Connor.

Trophy awards: 'Improvement Through Enthusiasm' - Luke Page; 'Good Effort' - (Girls) Alicia Gray, Fenella Jenkins (Boys) Stuart Clark, Michael Connor. Matthew Day received the Boys' Retiring Club Captain Shield.

Profit from the gala will add to the �20,000 the club has raised for club's Hobart Pool Appeal.