Medals haul for St Felix

For those swimmers who didn't quite make Nationals this year then their final event of the season was the Northampton Non Nationals Open Meet.This is a lovely meet to finish the season with and so on a warm Friday evening a small number of St Felix swimmers travelled to Northampton.

For those swimmers who didn't quite make Nationals this year then their final event of the season was the Northampton Non Nationals Open Meet.

This is a lovely meet to finish the season with and so on a warm Friday evening a small number of St Felix swimmers travelled to Northampton. There were some exceptional swims over the weekend and statistics showed that out of the 100 swims 61 swimmers produced new personal best times.

The 200m free was the first event of the weekend and this saw Louise Charlesworth, Lily Charlesworth, Chloe Nixon, Robyn Ball, Katie Rumsey, Casey Willis, Jennifer Beevor, Rebecca White, Alex Farrands and Michael White taking part.

Out of these 10 swims, five were new times and Robyn Ball, Michael White gained gold, Louise Charlesworth, Rebecca White silver and Katie Rumsey, Alex Farrands bronze.

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The 100m fly was next with again new times and more medals. Taking part were Louise Charlesworth, Katie Rumsey, Rebecca White and Michael White. All again swam well with Louise and Rebecca gaining a silver medal.

The 50m back saw six more swimmers competing with Lily Charlesworth gaining sixth position, Chloe Nixon pb, 18th position Jennifer Beevor pb, 8th position and the medals went to Katie Rumsey and Marina Esteve gold and Alex Farrands silver.

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The 200m individual medley was next and St Felix always seem to do very well at this event and this meeting was no exception. Louise Charlesworth, Lily Charlesworth, Josie Blades, Katie Rumsey, Casey Willis, Jennefer Beevor, Rebecca White and Alex Farrands took part with gold going to Rebecca, silver to Louise, Lily and Alex and bronze Josie Blades and Katie Rumsey.

The 100m backstroke proved to be a profitable event with Robyn Ball, Katie Rumsey, Marina Esteve and Michael White all taking gold and Casey Willis gained an exceptional new pb time.

The 50m fly was equally as successful as the 100m and Josie Blades gained gold, Louise Charlesworth silver and Nick Catton bronze. Lily Charlesworth and Michael White both just missed medal positions by coming fourth but with new pbs and again Katie Rumsey and Jennifer Beevor both with new pbs gained sixth and eighth positions.

With only four more events until the end of the day would there be any more medals on the table? Next was the 200m backstroke and out of the seven swimmers Lily Charlesworth, Robyn Ball, Georgia Kerridge, Katie Rumsey, Casey Willis, Jennifer Beevor and Marina Esteve, there were three more new times and four more medals to add to the already growing number.

Gold went to Robyn and Marina, silver to Katie and bronze to Georgia. The penultimate race of the day was the 100m breast where St Felix added even more medals. Bronze went to Louise Charlesworth, Georgia Kerridge, Katie Rumsey and Alex Farrands with Chloe Nixon gaining pb and finishing 14th, Jennifer Beevor pb and finishing seventh, Daisy Slater, new time and finishing 12th and finally Nick Catton pb and finishing seventh.

The last race on the Saturday was the 50m free. Always a popular event and St Felix had 12 of their swimmers taking part. There were more medals to be won and Louise Charlesworth and Robyn Ball took gold, Josie Blades Alex Farrands and Katie Rumsey silver and Georgia Kerridge bronze.

Sunday saw again some exceptional swims from the St Felix crew and more new times and medals added.

The first race of the day was the 400m free distance race. Not one for the faint-hearted but it was interesting to see that it was a lot of the younger St Felix swimmers taking part. Josie Blades had a cracking race taking 25 seconds off her time and finishing in sixth place. Georgia Kerridge another excellent pb by 16 seconds and claiming a bronze medal. Katie Rumsey took 19 seconds off her time taking silver. Casey Willis had a good swim finishing in 12th place. Rebecca White, two second pb and winning gold and another silver medal to Marina Esteve. Another brilliant new time for Nick Catton, taking 19 seconds off his time and finishing in sixth place and finally Alex Farrands with a two second pb took bronze.

The 200m fly had brother and sister Rebecca and Michael White entering to better their times and hopefully win medals. Both had excellent races, Rebecca close to her time and Michael gaining a two second pb and equally both winning medals, Rebecca gold and Michael silver.

The 50m breaststroke was next and Alex Farrands gained gold with Georgia Kerridge and Katie Rumsey bronze. Chloe Nixon, Daisy Slater and Nick Catton also had excellent races but missing out on the medal position.

The 200m breaststroke then followed with again Chloe, Georgia, Katie, Daisy and Alex taking part and they were also joined by Rebecca White. The medals went to Rebecca and Alex gold and Georgia bronze.

The penultimate race of the weekend was the 100m freestyle and this again is a popular event. Taking part was Chloe Nixon, Robyn Ball, Josie Blades, Georgia Kerridge, Rebecca White, Marina Esteve, Nick Catton and Michael White. Some of the younger members gained some excellent new times with Josie Blades taking 13 seconds off her time and gaining gold. Georgia Kerridge took 12 seconds off her time and came fourth and then Robyn Ball took gold, Rebecca White with a pb silver and Michael White with a one second pb bronze. Chloe Nixon and Nick Catton also had two great swims, both gaining new pbs.

The last race of the weekend was the 100m individual medley. Georgia Kerridge, Daisy Slater and Nick Catton took part. All three had excellent swims gaining new times and Nick added the final silver medal to the collection and Georgia the final bronze. Daisy finished in a respectable 16th position.

The final results on the medal table were: gold 21, silver 18, bronze 18. Now all these swimmers can have a well-deserved rest, ready for the new season starting end of August.

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