National stage for bowlers

BECCLES Indoor Bowls Club members have recently had unprecedented success in getting five qualifiers for the national finals.

In the mixed pairs Kirsty Clarke and Shaun Cook will play at Northampton on Friday, February 11, while on February 16 Kirsty will be joined by Louise Catchpole, John Catchpole and Mark Todd in the mixed Fours.

On February 15, Graham Catchpole, Mark Todd and David Wood will play in the over 50s triples. At the end of February at Nottingham, Maureen Wright, Dot Woodhouse, Nora Rutherford and Margaret Draper play in the ladies’ fours and Mike Patterson will represent the club in the over 60’s singles.

Just missing out on the finals were John Nixon, Gloria Smith, Barbara Capon and David Wood in the mixed fours and Louise Catchpole in the ladies’ singles.

There was a disappointing defeat in the third round of the Top Club competition when Beccles lost at County Arts. Although the triple of Rachael Clarke, Ben Harber and Ian Catchpole won and Graham Catchpole drew the men’s singles, the other three games were lost.

The Mixed County League recommenced on Sunday with both Beccles teams winning. The A team took five points from the top of the table match against Sole Bay with a 90–65 win.

Rink scores Home: D Gaze, J Grice, R Denny and B Harber 39, T Flatt 6. C Keating, A Morphett, M Roberts and D Ramsbottom 13, P Baggott 18. Away: K Clarke, N Rutherford, P Clarke and S Cook 17, J Summons 24. M Wright, M Rayner, G Catchpole and M Todd 21, A Buck 17.

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The B team picked up six points in beating Felixstowe by 82–59.

Rink scores Home: J Ackland-Snow, R Ward, T Wright and A Ward 23, M Nunn 14. R Clarke, D Mann, D Catchpole and G Smith 13, A Brian 23.

Away: J Ramsbottom, S Greenslade, D Pye and G Ramsbottom 26, B Mills 11. R Winterton, R Swarbrick, L Winterton and J White 20, D Crow 11.