Plate trip was so difficult

Beccles Bowls club’s Denny Plate match against Essex County, which had been postponed due to bad weather in Southend two weeks ago, was played on Saturday.

In a tight game, Essex County came out on top by nine shots.

Rink scores, home: R Willoughby, R Denny, A Clarke and J Catchpole 10; I Middlemast 21. A Twomey, S Cook, M Cole and D Wood 24; N Jackson 10.

Away: G Catchpole, D Mann, B Harber and M Todd 16; S Cooper 18, R Adams, G Ramsbottom, D Ramsbottom and I Catchpole 13; D Morris 23.

Heavy snow in Southend from midday onwards led to the Beccles players having a very difficult journey home as the snow preceded them until they were well into Suffolk.

The 100-mile journey took one car almost six hours while the second car to arrive home took over 10 hours. The players in the third car stayed overnight in Colchester before returning home next day.

Beccles Ladies lost their second-round Yetton Plate match to North Walsham by 86-55.

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In the Mixed County League on Sunday Beccles B beat Lowestoft Rail by 89-64 (5.5 points to 1.5).

Rink scores, home: J Ackland-Snow, R Ward, T Wright and A Ward 19; I Platford 19. R Clarke, D Mann, D Catchpole and G Smith 18; P Curtis 12.

Away: S Greenslade, R Scrall, D Pye and M Draper 21; G Fellingham 22. R Winterton, R Swarbrick, L Winterton and J Whyte 31; D Brearley 11.

The A team’s match against Mid-Suffolk was postponed because of heavy overnight snow in Stowmarket.