Records tumble in pool

LODDON Dolphins Swimming Club held its annual gala at the Hobart High School pool. It included one of the biggest entries in recent years, and 17 records were broken.

LODDON Dolphins Swimming Club held its annual gala at the Hobart High School pool. It included one of the biggest entries in recent years, and 17 records were broken.

Swim coach Mark Stone thanked parents for their commitment and praised the youngsters for their dedication and the hard work put in on teaching nights.

10-tear-olds: Hannah King took first in backstroke and tied for first place with Beatrice Prutton in a tight front crawl race. Georgia Minister came second in backstroke and Ellie Andrews third. Front crawl third went to Bethany Clarry with Eva Evans fourth. Lucie Reynolds *(NR) took butterfly first to the unlucky Georgia Minister second, Hannah King was third. Beatrice Prutton won individual medley.

Boys' backstroke went to Jacob Sheridan with Felix Prutton second and Jake Yallop and Jamie Verhulst taking close third and fourth places. Charlie Dorey secured breaststroke first. Individual medley went to Felix Prutton *(NR). James Whitmore pipped ahead of Aiden Poll for first in front crawl with Ned Masters and Charlie Folkard taking third and fourth places.

11-year-olds: Amy Scott secured double firsts in butterfly and backstroke. Beth Whitehead came second in butterfly and the unlucky Rebecca Jones second in backstroke with Julia Brackenbury third. Julia worked hard for front crawl first with Amy Scott second, Rebecca Jones third and Aylcia Middleton fourth. A close breaststroke saw Alycia Middleton come first, Emma Potts second and Hannah Bradshaw third.

A well-matched front crawl with Tom Sargent and James Rowswell saw 0.04 of a second between Tom's first to James Rowswell's second and Jordan Sheldrake third. In backstroke, Tom Sargent pulled away on the last length to win ahead of James Rowswell second.

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12-year-olds: An exciting front crawl saw the well-equalled Naomi Church and Victoria Roe tie for first place. Naomi took individual medley first and Victoria butterfly first, with Charlotte Harvey second in butterfly. Charlotte Bodie won backstroke, Naomi Church was second and Charlotte Harvey third. Elizabeth Day secured breaststroke first with Emily Bird in second place.

William Masters gained first place in backstroke and front crawl.

13-year-olds: Megan Miller won both butterfly *(NR) and backstroke with Holly Mason second in backstroke. Individual Medley went to Laura Shilling. Laura and Holly battled for front crawl respective first and second places. Breaststroke first went to Faith Jennison *(NR).

Powerful swimming from Matthew Hosier guaranteed first place and new records in backstroke, individual medley and front crawl. Henry Hardy secured first in breaststroke *(NR) and second place in front crawl and individual medley; George Webb was third in individual medley. George took first in butterfly *(NR).

14-year-olds; Ellen Nelson's dedicated training saw new records in all her races. Ellen took first in backstroke and butterfly to the very unlucky Katrina Clarke and then went on to win front crawl with Vickie Starling second. Vickie Starling and Katrina Clarke secured respective first and second places in breaststroke.

Boys' club vice-captain Matt Day won front crawl with Luke Nelson producing a determined swim for second place. Luke took first in backstroke.

15-year-olds: Girls' vice-captain Alice Jennison and Club Captain Rebecca Gray swam an exciting individual medley with 0.22 of a second between Alice's first and Rebecca's second place. An equally exhilarating and close front crawl saw Alice *(NR) take first and Rebecca second. Rebecca secured breaststroke first and Alice backstroke *(NR) first.

15/over: Boys' club captain Jack Nelson took first in breaststroke *(NR), individual medley *(NR) and front crawl.

Relay: First -Piranhas, Second-Swordfish, Third-Alligators, Fourth-Dolphins.

Girls relay time *(NR): Ellen Nelson 09.87 seconds.

Good Performances from Ollie Bradshaw, Adele Brown, Thomas Farrant, Bethany Howe, Lauren Howes, Finlay Lawson, Hannah Myhill, Tiera Rose, Marie Taylor.

Special Trophy Awards: Club Captains Shields - Alice Jennison & Jack Nelson; Evans not to Yield - Lauren Howes; Mobbs Shield for Determination - Ollie Bradshaw; Rimmers Cup for Distinction - all 4 strokes - Naomi Church; CB Shield for Sportsmanship - Megan Miller; Greens Cup for Commitment & Determination - Jordan Sheldrake; Rumps Cup - best improved breaststroke - Hannah Myhill; Parents Shield for Hardwork & Tenacity - Emily Bird; Good Effort Shields - Marie Taylor, Aiden Poll, Caitlin Martin; Stones Progress thro Enthusiasm - Hannah King; Matthew Green Dolphin for Excellence in Technique - Rebecca Gray; Ted White Founders Trophy - Alice Jennison.